My sweater Beard

I have a thing about shaving and haircuts. I don’t care for them that much. Not that I don’t like to have nice looking hair or a clean shaven face, but the maintenance is not for me. I always forget, or am in a rush to do something else. I mean, these activities really cut into my knitting time.

So I believe that my knitting suffers because of these mundane tasks. That’s like 15 minutes a day and half an hour every two weeks. So when all is said and done that’s eight hours a month wasted to hair care. In eight hours I could knit, a hat, half a stuffed monkey, a bag, the back of a sweater (maybe), maybe a sock.

I think it is time that I take some of this time back.

In lieu of this, I propose that I will not shave until I have completed my first sweater. So when I finish my sweater I will be all cave manly, Or without an S.O. Whichever comes first.

3 thoughts on “My sweater Beard”

  1. I definately support you :) You will be in the Guiness World Record… as far as I know, you may be the first person with a beard Sweater… I have heard about Hair sweater but not beard…

    I have a friend Tania( a guy), he is also on the same path :D …

    So you have yourself a competition :D

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