Pod Cast Dreams

I really want to do a pod cast site. I have been listening to other pod casts on the web and have been inspired. Or maybe what I mean to say is that I want to start a pod cast so that I can hear others talk about my pod cast. Yes, I love having my ego stroked by others.

Who Doesn’t?

In this vain, I have started to have dreams about what my theme music would be like for my pod cast. I have a good friend, Adam Brodsky, who is a anti-folk singer and I keep imagining that he will compose a ballad to guys knitting for me.

And here are the words that I think would start off the song:

(In a waltz/western like rhythm with a bit of guitar/violin twang or Dylan’isc if you prefer. Either way the voice I imagine is low in a Johnny Cash Sort of way)

Manly Stripes
Cable Knits
Long Grey Sweaters
Are the things that gentlemen wear

I don’t know
About you, bub
But I wish for better
Until then I’ll just sit here and bitch(or knit?)

(kick ass guitar solo with a little bit of reverb, this is where I would voice over the intro to the podcast)

I think this would make an awesome song. I think that I need a better second verse. And for this I hope to turn it over to my musical friend Adam.

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