As promised… Pictures

As promised in my last podcast here is a monkey update picture.
Monkey on my backTo the left is my computer, then there is my dinner and then.. MONKEY!!!
ARM X.5 (still on sticks)
My Pumkin's Kick Ass BagThis hot number is Elle, my knitting voice assistant. She is modeling the ‘Neapolitan Tote Bag’ that my punkin whipped up. This is a Theresa Gaffey design. Check your local yarn shop for this awesome pattern.

Chilean feet My mom brought these socks back from Chile in December. I am sharing these with you because I think feet pictures on the web are funny. Even as a knitter, I get it, I think that people should really think twice about sharing their feet (check out my hairy legs. Having said this, I would love to frame some of the socks that I have seen, sans feet.

4 thoughts on “As promised… Pictures”

  1. Looking forward to a completed purple monkey…cept the food dish does detract a tiny bit from the picture!

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