Possible break

Hey all,

My pumkin experienced a loss in her family and now this week’s schedule is up in the air. I am making all the time that I can available to her in her time of need.

So this means I may not release a new episode this Sunday. I was also not planning on doing an episode next week because I am going to visit my family that weekend.

The bottom line is that the next time you can expect a podcast from me will be April 23.

The silver lining, how ever small it is going to be, is that I will probably finish the purple monkey sooner. But, there is not much comfort for me in that today.

14 thoughts on “Possible break”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that….hope she’s alright. All the best thoughts! (Must be something going around at this time, knitting podcasters experiencing losses either directly or indirectly).

  2. Best wishes to you and your girl. Hope all is well. I just discovered your podcast and am really enjoying it. It’s refreshing to hear a guy’s point of view on the knitting scene. I’m about half way through Episode 2 and can completely relate to the toy, um, I mean TOOL fixation when it comes to crafts. Everytime I say I need needles my husband looks at me incredulously and asks just how many needles I need. I just smile and say “more”. I look forward to catching up on your podcasts over the weekend and will watch for new episodes when you have a chance to publish again. Take care and thanks for podcasting!


  3. Take care of her…we’ll be here when you get back. I’ve been listening for a few weeks now, like to hear your point of view.

  4. so sorry to hear that…take all the time you need and don’t feel guilty…be good to both of you and hopefully knitting will help…like Kathy said, we’ll be here…thinking of you and pumpkin…

  5. I agree with Kathy. Take care of Pumkin, we’ll still be here when you’re back. Our thoughts are with you guys.

  6. so sorry to hear of pumkins and family loss..

    hope all goes well, and I’m still loving the podcast

  7. Just sending you positive thoughts. Hope she is doing ok.

    Your promo was in the latest show – I hope it brings you many new listeners! We will all be here when you get back – take care of your family, it is more important than anything else.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about Pumkin’s loss. Take good care of her and come back when you can.

    I came here today as I was part way through episode 2 to tell you how much I’m enjoying your podcast and encourage you to keep it up! I’ll look forward to any and all podcasts you put out. You’re great and so is your podcast. Thanks very much for putting it out!

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