Episode 4 – God Damn Projects

Barbara's God Damn Project
This episode:God Damn Projects…After a long week with my pumkin, I share the pain of Boston knitters… OK, it’s not real pain, it’s more like frustration.When a project,fiber, or pattern decide that it’s better than you it’s important to think about the other option. You could just quit knitting. We won’t think less of you.Yeah, like that is going to happen.

EPISODE4 – God Damn Projects


Goat Boy by .22
Super Evil by Watkin Tudor Jones on African Dope Records
Give me sunshine on a rainy day by Paul
Overreacting by Brad Sucks
Going Down To Georgia by Justin Gordon
Pendulum by The Toasters on Asian Man Records

9 thoughts on “Episode 4 – God Damn Projects”

  1. hi guido, i listened to last week’s podcast last night (i had a long week, too), and i just want you to know, that i don’t know what memes are either (and i still don’t really understand it). just because grumperina said everyone knows, they don’t; that’s one thing she doen’t know, i guess . . .
    i think the show is coming along great; you have excellent ideas about what to put into it. i keep forgetting to tell you how much i LOVE your music choices; they are quirky and different.

  2. Have you looked at http://www.hairersoft.com/Amadeus.html? The software has a trial version and it’s $30 if you want to use it forever. I like to use it to tune down music clips, in terms of volume, and do fades. It is very very easy to use. I then bring the file it makes into Audacity to record my voice and mix everything together. Just a thought.

  3. Would you mind posting a list of the artist links? that rock/pop/rap/electronic band just rocked my socks and I’d love some more info on them.

    Many thanks!

  4. wow, i am SO impressed with your cabling! i’m a very green knitter, so that just lloks beyond magic to me.

    i hit up sean at woolcott for names of other guys nitting and he mentioned you. love to hear more about chances for guys getting together to knit and drink (or some other co-knitting social activity).


  5. OK… the links are up and … I did not make the sweater above, that is Barbara’s God Damn Sweater.

    It’s off to work for me.

  6. Hi Guido – first time listening to your podcast(s) and I really love the guy’s perspective.! I’m about half way through Episode #2 and l’m looking forward to listening to the other two on the way to work this morning. The only criticism I have is that I don’t like the music – I fast forward over ALL podcasting music because I find it boring and distruptiveto my psyche. I have music on my iPod if I want to hear it. Other than that, I’m totally into hearing everything you have to say about knitting, fiber, groups, etc.. Keep on recording!! (just leave off the music…)

  7. Great podcast, I enjoyed it very much. Love the idea of the “goddamn project”…how about making it a regular feature of your show? One “goddamn project” story per podcast. Just a thought.

    Keep on knittin’ and podcastin’

  8. This was my first time tuning in, and I really enjoyed the show. The stories were great.. your voice was clear and smooth. I listened to it while weaving in ends on a rug, and it made ita much more pleasureable task. The music was.. different, and while I can’t say that I’ll be downloading any of it soon, it was all very amusing for a one-time listen.

  9. Hi, I’ve just started to listen to your podcast (and of course I had to start at the beginning, hehe). I’m definitely enjoying it so far, and this episode had me stopping, rewinding a few seconds, listening again carefully, and then finally looking up this post to find out more information! YAY for South African music! I thought I had heard a snippet of Afrikaans there in the song, hehe. Anyways, just want to let you know that I’m enjoying your podcast so far and will definitely be downloading all of them!!

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