Episode 5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship

Links are up.

I really screwed up this time… By setting off the alarm at Circles I have created a fine against them. I don’t know how much it is exactly, but I believe that it will be $200 or more.So I am going to try and do a little fundraising. I am sorry to have to ask, but I already spend enough on time and money getting the podcast together. So if you have a dollar to ten dollars to donate, it would really help. Anything I make that is over the fine I will split between production costs and rent to the store for providing such a wonerful space.

Please donate here. I would really like to keep my recording space..:)



Crazy Aunt Purl by Laurie

Go Fish by Big Money Grip
I Feel Fine by Blue Vagrants
Show Me by Ripped
Gotta get outta my head by deffered sucess

Cast On with Brenda Dayne
Pointy Sticks with Christine Selleck

Get Creative Magazine

Circles Knitting Salon (Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA)
Island Yarn Shop (Waltham, MA)
Minds Eye Yarns (Porter Square, Cambridge, MA)
Skeintily Clad (Waltham, MA)
Woolarina (Waltham, MA)

EPISODE5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship

27 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Red Sock Masonic Yarn Harlot Worship”

  1. Yesterday, I listened to all of your podcasts, while sewing in some ends on my Las Vegas sweater.

    Condolences to your Pumpkin and her family.

    You’re doing a great job. Did you ever find THE knitting bag? I hate the flowery, paisley, girly bags. Geometric designs, fine. But my search continues.

    Just wanted to chime in and give some positive feedback.

    And I put a post on my blog about your “Alarm Fine” plight. When I read about it, I said “Just like a guy.” I’ve tripped the alarm on my house more than once, so nobody’s perfect!

  2. The color combination type thing you were talking about is often called a “colorway”. It sounds like your trip to Gore Place was a success. Will we be seeing you at the Mind’s Eye Spinning group?

    Also your interest in making the “red socks” totally reminded me that my brother-in-law had expressed interest a pair similar. I will be looking for interest to how yours come out, although I will need to make his in cotton (sweaty feet).

    And finally could you share the name of the group/song name with the female vocals that has the refrain “really really like the things you know”?

  3. I’m sorry about the alarm thing. That sucks.

    When I downloaded Ep 5 on iTunes, it came up as Episode 5, but the sound was the Episode 3 podcast. Sadness! Have you changed your feed or something? Please let me know if i need to unsub and resubscribe.

    Thanks, Guido!

  4. I just finished listening to Episode 5 and I enjoyed it very much! I finished the green computer socks and started another pair while listening.
    Barb from Gore Place is Barb Clorite, a local spindle goddess. I can send you her email address if you want to get ahold of her.
    If you are looking for a good place to look up all the sheep and wool festivals, the Northeast Handspinners site is great. http://www.northeasthandspinners.org/html/calendar-of-events.htm
    I’m glad you are so psyched about spinning. Maybe you can cash in some of your store credit for a couple spinning lessons!
    See you at group!

  5. hey Guido,
    I’ve tried listening to Episode 5 via iTunes and thought-mmh, I’ve heard that before… it’s show Nr3 again! What happened?

  6. Hi Guido,
    I just found you courtesy of Pointy Sticks – I have enjoyed your show and I just wanted to chime in on your comment about getting help from a knitting store. I could not agree with you more – knitter’s should want to help each other – it befuddles me that a shop would have that attitude. The other attitude that makes me crazy is the Knitting Nazi’s that are out there. I think we all know one or two – but that is another subject! Thanks for letting me vent, and I will be back for more episodes!

  7. OK, I updated the feed, but for whatever reason iTunes would not update for me, so I have added an episode 5.1 for those iTunes listeners (most of you)

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I swear yesterday was just a bad day all around.. :(

    Also, thanks to those who have started contributing to the alarm fund, I hate to ask, but feel like I need the help. For those of you who are interested I have about 10% of what I think I need, but I have not yet gotten the bill so I fear the higher cost. I will explain in next week’s episode the whole situation.

  8. Hi Guido,

    I first learned about your podacast from Cast On. I am now subscribed through iTunes.

    I have some thoughts on the yarn shop that wouldn’t help you with your project. Were you the only one in the shop? How long do you think it would have taken for them to help you? If you were the only one in the shop, and if it would have taken only a few minutes to help you, then I think it would have been good PR on the yarn shop’s part to assist you, especially since you were buying stuff.

    On the other hand, I know that my LYS has problems with people who bring in yarn, patterns and needles not purchased at the LYS. They get free help for 1 hour and the shop is busy with customers needing help with yarn they want to purchase.

    I am not sure what the right solution is. I think its tricky. You want to be customer oriented and help out the people who will spread the craft to others, who will in turn help the knitting industry through purchases. Yet, you don’t want to be abused.

    My LYS just started Clinic hours – free help for quick and easy fixes – dropped stitches, pattern help, etc. Any other thing that requires a chunk of time (i.e., 1/2 hour or more), then they should really be paying for a private lesson.


  9. GFS! I think there is some way to encode chapter marks into your podcast, so people who want to skip the music can skip ahead instead of fast forwarding.

    Remember, you’re welcome to get your Phoenix knit on anytime.

  10. Hey Knitting Guy:

    Still lovin’ the podcasts…still not lovin’ the music, but I’m ok with FF through it.

    Just a thought about the yarn shop in Waltham….are you kidding me??!? She wouldn’t dole out 10 minutes of help with purple monkey because you didn’t buy the purple monkey yarn there?? That is ridiculous. I would have returned what I bought and left.

    Are you going to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on May 5-6? I’m a handspinner too, and I love to “cross-train” between knitting, spinning and crocheting. Maryland Sheep is the mecca of all things fiber, spun and unspun. Not one minute should be missed – mostly all excuses unexceptable….you’ve got to go!

    Keep up the great podcasting – thanks for trying to keep all the volume levels consistent. I hate when the podcast is one volume, the music is BLARING, and then I can hardly hear the interviews. I’m trying to drive and constantly fidgeting with the iPod is a major hassle and kinda unsafe.

    Margaret :-)

  11. Guido-Excellent show again! Enjoyed the music and all the reviews. I’ve made several pairs of Red Sock socks so if you need technical help I’m available.

    As for your not getting a few minutes of help at that shop, Yuck! I’ve run into that a lot over the years. I’ve often wished that they would post a sign explaining their position on this so we (customer) don’t feel like they (business) are chasing us off the property.
    But I also relate that they need to make money to stay in business. It’s all in the balance of sales verses customer service and how they handle it.

    And I’m pleased to hear that you ‘get’ my obsession with the Yarn Harlot! I’m very sad to have missed all the opportunities to see her BUT Texas was so much more important. And an excellent time was had by the girls, myself and my Dad.

  12. Hey all…

    Wow, some people are really upset about the Island Yarn Co helping policy. Like I said on the show, while this is a put-off, I understand their position. They are a little shop and have probably been burned helping others in the past.

    I do not think name calling is going to make this situation better. So I apologize to anyone whose comment I have edited. I don’t want to be big brother, but I also don’t want people to think that I am bad mouthing LYSs. That is not what I or my show is about. I don’t want to use my show as a bully pulpit; if I did I would call it something more like, knitting congress…


  13. Knitting Guy:

    I hear and understand…………..long day yesterday. I still think that there are SO many new knitters out there, that a few minutes invested in helping someone figure it out on the needles is a long term investment in your future and your business. Enough said.

    Looking forward to the next podcast!

  14. Hey Guido! You’re awesome! (You’re right, awesome is a great word and no wimpy synonym does it justice.) Keep up the great work! Your podcast is very real and warm and funny, and lots of fun to listen to.

    In episode 5 you said something about things going on within driving distance, how about virtual driving distance, like the Upstate NY Knitters Blog Ring — lots of knitters doing lots of things spread out over lots of space! The Boston knitting community sounds great!

  15. Just wanted to say a quick hello and love the show! Keep up the good work! I really love the variety of music you play. I listen to podcasts at work and your selections make things very interesting. Thanks!

  16. Hi,
    Though it doesn’t sound like you need it i wanted to encourage you to get that spinning wheel
    Once you get the hang of it, it is the most relaxing thing you can do
    Took me some time but discovered it really does depend on your teacher/mentor – get the right one and you are zooming
    Another thing, do not scrimp on the wheel – believe me (experience)
    Enjoy the, uhmm, format of the show
    Also enjoy the lenght of the show – it’s like meeting a friend once every week or so who is just bursting with news


  17. I just wanted to say that I love listening to your podcast. It’s awesome. Keep up the good work. There are people out here listening to you. Also, what was the website for the socks that you knitted? I’m dying to try socks. And if you ever decide to plan a knitting trip/conference/thing, let me know. I love traveling and knitting, and I’m always trying to combine the two. Oh, do you have button that I can post on my blog?

  18. I got to listen to your episode on Friday while driving to my (stressful) presentation. You totally made my day. When I was on the verge of flipping out, I kept telling myself that I could talk in front of 10 people because I can podcast and you like it. It worked!

    As for the yarn shop offering help or not offering help, what I have done in the past when I needed help like that was offered to pay for a “private lesson” or asked if they offered them. If they did, great. My shop offers them for $15 per hour. I’ve only needed to ask for it once, but it was a huge help knowing that I could, and in the end they turned me down on paying and just helped for free. Maybe if you approach them that way, they will be more willing? Some shops may ask you to pay, others may say to keep your money, happy to just know you offered.

    Your podcasts? They ROCK. Wicked awesome. I adore them. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  19. I’ve just started listening to your podcast and am really enjoying it. I wanted to let you know that if you were looking for size 2.5 mm needles, Pony Pearls makes them. Pony Pearls dpns are plastic, but bendable, but the points aren’t very sharp. I love to use them. You can find them at online vendors and I believe the Regia sock needles (I purchased them a few years ago at Red Bird Knits), I purchased wooden ones and they are available in the same size for sock knitting. HTH.

  20. What is a “podcast?” How do I listen to it? Fun to read these notes above. Re Island Yarns, they have wonderful yarns from the best yarn companies and can be extremely helpful. In this economy, people go to
    fine quality small shops to pick brains and then go to discount chains to pick up yarn. You can understand how they feel

  21. Hmmm, the Masonic temple creepy? Heh, dude, I’m a member of The Order of the Eastern Star (a Masonic fraternity) and my husband and many of my friends are Masons. If you want to de-creepify it, e-mail me. There is no creepiness involved (except for the goats…just kidding!!) and you’d be pleasantly surprised what they are about. What it comes down to is taking a good man, and making him better person. No creepy about it. ;)
    If the Masonic temple near you offers tours (hint: call them!) take one! They are supremely enlightening. We are actually very open folks.

  22. Just subscribed to your podcast and listening to it. Not a fan of most of the music so far, but that is okay. I am commenting because I really like “I Feel Fine”. Thought that was good. My style is more mellow and listening to relaxing music while knitting… but committing to a podcast, well, anything goes!

    Hey, you are in good company as I got to Cast On kind of late in the game, too; but then I could catch up to her and was treated to non-stop-Brenda for awhile. Now, I am with everyone else.

    Listening to you has started giving me the “nudge” to maybe pick up the mike myself, but I have ZERO audio equipment… not even a mic… but I heard they were reasonable. I could try using a digital recorder and see if I can do something with the software that comes with it… but really, I’ve not even looked at that yet.

    Another thing in the way is that I am not sure if I have anything to say…. and I also would just be babbling! Ha… I like to listen to others babble, but not so sure if I can get out from under my rock. Hey, I’d be broadcasting from my bathroom, too, as I have a very active two year old running around the place all day long.

    Okay, that’s enough for me. I can’t wait to listen to more shows and wonder what the outcome is for some of the situations that you have related thus far.

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