Renee Likes My Podcast

Too cute not to want to share.

This is my best friend’s daughter. Based on her smile and general attitude she is either enjoying a good pony ride or listening to my show. Her parents don’t realize it yet, but someday I am going to get her hooked on knitting.

Renee likes my show
Renee, can you say yarn issues?

7 thoughts on “Renee Likes My Podcast”

  1. awwwww shes a cutie.

    Just wanted to say how much I love ur podcasts. Im just new to listening to podcasts and have to admit Im addicted. Ive listened to just about all of urs and everyone elses now lol.
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  2. Hey, now that is some cuteness :)

    I just found out about this blog! Someone posted in my comments about it. I tried to download your podcast but Evil Corporate Firewall denied me, I’ll have to hear it at home. Let’s hope I can figure out the techMology LOL.

  3. eeekk!!!

    She found me. I feel like this is some type of cosmic game of tag.

    So for those of you following the show you know that I have talked about Laurie and all the greatness of her blog. I have also tried to email, but the internet is a cold dark place that does not always allow emails to get through.

    Oh well….

    Laurie if you are reading this, don’t listen to episode 5 first. It’s too embarassing for me to take.


    As for the rest of you go check out her blog… She’s awesome!!!

  4. hehehehe… the world of email (or rather… my email) is indeed a cold dark place filled with spam and people trying to make me rich if I just hand over my bank account to some guy in Nigeria. Alas. I get about 600 pieces of email a day, so I’m trying to find an email solution that eats spam and leaves good mail unharmed. I have my challenges.

    So! If you emailed me, and I never replied… I suck, and I am sorry.

    I am now very excited to go home and listen immediately to episode 5. I hope it’s scandalous!

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