14 thoughts on “Episode 8 – Mothers day”

  1. I thought the name knitting guys in boston was an awesome name for the group. I think that is sounds awesome and fun. The knitting group for boys sounds kind of odd if your going to shorten it to KGB.

  2. Hey Guido, it’s great listening to you as always:-)
    KGB is a cool name. Knitting group for boys sounds lame and sounds like something that started as a class project or something…

    BTW, of course you need to keep the music! It’s always a good divider/bumper for the show, and I also get to listen to unusual new music that’s not on the radio or elsewhere.

    Just one more thing- I really have to work had to restrain myself to start a count on how many times you’ve said ‘at any rate/ any rate’ in your episodes;-) Don’t take it as a complaint, just something I couldn’t help noticing. I know, I’m SUCH a wise-ass…sigh.

    Have a great week,
    Julia in Hamburg, Germany

  3. Hey Guido, love your show! Keep the music, people can always skip past it. How about posting some of your finished objects, UFO’s and things on your needles. Happy Knitting.


  4. Cant seem to download from Itunes. Anyone else having that problem? Other podcasts are coming in okay.
    By all means keep the music…I always FF through it to get to the good stuff anyway.
    Found Sheep and Wool Festival totaling overwhelming: could not buy more than one skein of yarn. Who could choose?

  5. Great show! Having your mom there was very cool. Glad you brought the music back. The interview with the alpaca guy was very informative and really facinating. Can’t wait to hear more of your interviews. :)

  6. Sorry I’m bombing your comments Guido, I’m listening to your podcast in parts.

    I was thinking of the guy knitting bag problem. May I introduce you to ReLoad: http://www.reloadbags.com/ It’s a Philly local company that makes indestructible and cool bike messenger bags, backpacks and sachels. They are not cheap, but they do great work, all local, custom and by hand.

    They will custom make just about anything, including embroidering
    logos and such. You can get your podcast name on it if you want! Check out the link for the ‘custom’ bags to see samples. They won’t use evil, yarn grabbing velcro if you don’t want it and will make pockets to your specifications.

    I was going to go that route, since I’m a bike commuter and not usually into girly type bags. I ended up with a vintage fabric knitting bag from Offhand designs though . I love how they snap open and don’t have any of that velcro.

  7. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your yarn crawl. I’m going to be in Boston for a short stay, and now I know where I’ll be going in between appointments! I’m all kinds of excited to see some of the places you’ve been talking about!

  8. I really enjoy your show, but I am also having problems with iTunes and getting a feed to update your show. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can get it just fine from your blog. Thanks for spending the time to do such a great podcast! And, I love the music!!

  9. Great minds think alike … “Mother” was originally on my list of songs to use for my very belated Mother’s Day Episode, but I just bumped it about an hour ago for another song. How funny is that?

    I’ll have a new episode up tomorrow – can’t wait to catch up on yours! I’ve fallen so far behind!

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