I am the new Yoga

In todays episode:

Sublime by SuperEgo

Weekly Yarn-a-Lot (new name, what do you think?)
I discuss the amazing showing at wwkipday Boston, stealing yarn, knitting granny art??, 3.25 Stars, World Record Scarf

NH Interview 3 – Elihu Farm

What I Need by Juniper’s Daughter

Yarn Crawl 3Spark Craft Studios

Best Friends by All for nothing

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9 thoughts on “I am the new Yoga”

  1. OMG! Thank you so much for playing my audio comment on this episode! Hahaha, and thank you for messing it up! *LOL*

    And the newspaper article! WOW! And I think I know who the fan in Thailand is. :-) Not totally correct, but kind of correct. *LOL*

  2. I saw the story in the globe. It’s linked to within the podcast and now in my comments.

    I was sad that the pictures that they took didn’t show up in the online version and the pictures the pictures in the paper were black and white.

    I wonder if can the paper to do on of those photo albums of the event with all the pictures they took?

  3. Football and scarves go together. People can’t disconnect the two just because the World Cup is played in the off season.

    Type ‘Football scarf’ into google.

    BTW the baby surprise had my Rubik’s cube whizz son in law flummoxed till I showed him how to fold it.

  4. I’m now up-to-date on all your podcasts, I’ve listened to them all and really enjoy them. The yarn shop visits are very interesting as my husband and I are going to New York city and New England in the Autumn, so I’ll enjoy going to the yarn shops you have visited. I really enjoy the interviews you do with people, you sound a lot more confident when you’re talking to people than when you’re talking into the microphone in a room on your own, I’d love to hear more of you on the prowl for fellow knitters!
    Thankyou for all the time and effort you put in to your podcasts, I really appreciate it, and want to cheer you on! I admire the way you bring people together and would love to hear more of these events you get involved in.

  5. I shop at all three of the stores that got hit by the Atlanta yarn snatcher.
    And I must say: the ladies who run the shops are terribly wonderful about relating the whole experience. Very forgiving in many ways.

    Okay: going out on a limb, but wouldn’t we rather hear about yarn thievery over rape and drug abuse?
    I’m just sayin’. Not defending the actions of burglars. Just sayin’.

    I’m a new knitter who sucks at knitting. But I’m also becoming a nut about podcasts, too. Keep on rockin’ the podcasting world, and thanks for mentioning “The Sweater Song” by Weezer. I kept waiting for someone to use that reference since I’ve been knitting.
    “If you want to destroy my SPIDERWEB CAPELET
    Please! Pull this STRING! I’m gonna walk away!
    Watch it unravel! Yeah! I’m soon gonna be naked!
    Lying in yarn! It’s come undone!!”

    (These are my own lyrics based on my interpretation of Weezer and the hell that was the Spiderweb Capelet for me).

    Thanks for podcasting.

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