My Yarn and Projects are crawling along


I have started to work longer hour days and am taking a second job on soon. But this is the price of being a working guy and wanting to pay the rent in Boston. (Not to mention the up comming bills from a wedding that is about a year off.)

So the sadest part for me is two fold…
A) I am finding less time to knit
B) I am no longer going to be able to make it to the KGB

I’ve been thinking this week about the projects that I have completed so far this year… All one of them… Socks… That’s it. 6 months, one set of sock…

No monkey, no Suprise…

Instead I have been focusing on work, Knit out, and podcast duties. How my knitting suffers for the rest of my life.

My birthday is coming up in late July, perhaps now that I am a fully fledged knitting guy I will start to track my years in FOs. I begin to wonder how many FOs I will complete in my 29th year on the planet…

Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “My Yarn and Projects are crawling along”

  1. Hi! I just listened to episode 11, and I really enjoyed it. The interview was great, and I like the music you play… cus I like alternative/modern rock ish stuff.
    Thank you, though. I am sure you don’t like the stereotype of being the knitting guy… but it is so nice to hear from a guy who knits. Its a nice change from all the lady-spoken knitting podcasts… and someday, I am gonna convince my finacee to learn to knit!
    Anyway, I think your podcast is great, I am gonna go download and listen to all the previous ones now :) Thanks for making my work day easier to get through!

  2. Hey, thanks for another great podcast.

    I just started teaching my husband to knit. I’ll have to play him some of your podcasts, too!

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