Knit Together Boys

This week David, my brother joins me as we discuss knitting. I am teaching him a little about how to knit. His first hat is going to be a simple stockinate project. I am so proud. Also, we worked on a little intor music…

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19 thoughts on “Knit Together Boys”

  1. :-) sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I especially enjoyed the song you composed! I listened to the episode while riding my bike down a crowded street, people were looking at me funny because I totally cracked up listening to the song!
    Sorry to hear about your short hiatus, but I hope you’ll come back energized and full of new creative ideas.
    BTW, I’m starting to feel so sorry about the purple monkey. Is there any way I can help you finish it or something? Knit some limbs? Stuff a head? That UFO needs to get finished before Series 2 of IAPM!

  2. Hi there Guido. My promo is up. It’s on iTunes and most of the others. It’s right at 2 min. so if that’s too long I’d be happy to record a bumper for you instead. Let me know.



  3. What fun! And how cool to hear you two after seeing you in the store. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing! So how’s that hat coming along?

  4. Great show! Love the intro you two came up with. Hilarious! :)

    Thanks for mentioning the sock competition on your show. I’m the “founder” I guess you could say. Unfortunately, signups closed in May, but I hope people will come on over and cheer us on during the next three months. You can visit the “Summer of Socks” blog at Enjoy your month off! :)

  5. Guido – Love the song! You must use it every post cast. It will be your signature sound, like Branda Dane’s “Put a sweater on” sign off line.
    And great idea for the calendar. What about asking for pictures from your litener’s showing their location with their knitting?

  6. I’m downloading your new show as I type. Just wanted to tell you I really look forward to hearing what you are up to. Good work with your show!

  7. Guido,

    Your PodCast this week was HILARIOUS!! I was listening while power walking through my neighborhood and laughing out loud. If my neighbors didn’t already think I was crazy, now they are certain. BTW – killer opening. Let me know if you guys decide to go on tour. Have a nice break and happy birthday.

  8. Guido did you know that iTunes is saying that your show is explicit? I just noticed when I went to go download some old podcasts.

  9. Holy crap, I just listened to this episode and laughed the whole way through. Sorry you’re off the air for a month, but I’m looking forward to the next shows. You and your brother should some more explicit episodes together, this was my favorite one yet! Enjoy your summer.


  10. Hi, I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few episodes. I love it! Just my two cents about knit bathing suites; I knit one out of cascade fixation, a cotton yarn with elastic in it. I haven’t worn it in water yet because I finished it at the end of the summer, but I plan to try it out this summer, with an actual bathing suite underneath ;)

  11. Hey,
    Loved the Intro song – must be kept! Also love the Calendar idea. How can I help you get this idea moving forward?

  12. Okay. I’ve been listning since the first cast, but have never resoponded. Part of that is because I just got caught up from after episode 5…

    I LOVE THE NEW SONG! It’s so great! I’m sitting at my desk giggling while it’s playing. I love it.

    My boy friend is really excited about your show. He wants to learn how to knit and loves that there is a guy he can listen to that likes to knit. So I’m hoping that he will be able to listen to you more.

    I love the Pod Cast. It’s been one of my favorites since I first heard it.

    I hope your friend is doing better. :(

  13. Hey Purl Man! If you want to be a very good knitter, you should use every resourse available to you. When I started out knitting I thought I had to be smart and keep everything in my head. I trudged along making a lot of wrong guesses and mistakes. A spread sheet is NOT A CHEAT SHEET. It is the pattern written out line by line to make it easier to follow. I learned to do this from knitters far more experienced than I am. I rewrite almost all my patterns line for line. When it says something like “repeat rows 3 through 6”, I write out those rows. It’s especially important with the Baby Surprise because as you can see, it looks like absolutely nothing as you knit it and you won’t know if you have made a mistake until you are completely finished. In my instructions I also offer hints on using highlighters and stitchmarkers to help keep you on track. For many of my other knitting projects, I also use a row counter on my needle and for really complicated projects, I have a pda with a program to count my rows and patterns. So if you really want to be a better knitter, don’t dismiss practical advice and help.

  14. Hi Guido! I feel like I know you..I just discovered your podcast, and it’s really cool and casual. I also really dig like the yarn crawl idea. Look forward to your return in August.

  15. Hi, I have been catching up on your podcasts over the weekend while workking. I heard about you on the Cast-On episode with Franklin and followed the link.
    I LOVED this episode!! it was so funny, laugh out loud. And for David, yes it is cool that guys knit, get your sticks out and don’t hit some one.

  16. Hey Guido,
    About your intro song – I just wanted to let you know that another show has been using the same music for their intro. Just in case you want to be more unique. The show already using that music is The MoPod Show ( It’s a gay comedy podcast. Yours is very cute though.

    Also, the promo for my podcast is up on itunes so I hope you’ll play it on your show. It’s about 45 seconds.

    RE: Weezer: Pink Triangle is one of my favorite songs.

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