Classic Elite Vacation

So I went away for a long weekend.

Thursday morning my pumkin and I started in Boston, drove to Hartford, got on a plane to Charlette, and then got on a plane to Ashville. Then we took a cab to the Highland Lake Inn. Where we struggled to get some help with our bags and locate some food. (My poor pumkin has foot issues due to her love of running)

Then we saw family, did the smores thing, soccer thing, eating thing and fighting thing.

Saturday afternoon we got on a plane and returned to CT and then drove to Norwich. Did the wedding thing, pizza thing, and family thing (my pumkin’s).

Finally, we went to the beach…. So I did not get much done on my baby suprise (suprise). I feared working on it on the plane becaus I had it on Metal needles. so i started a new project with some random stuff in my stash. Random, and delightful. I had purchased two 77 yrad skeins of Classic Elite Yarns 100% Bamboo in an awesome looking orange. So i am making the second orange summer scarf. This one will go to my pumkin. Sorta a thanks for putting up with me this weekend gift.

That’s all for now. trying to sneak this in at work and I will stick some pictures up soon. I promise.

3 thoughts on “Classic Elite Vacation”

  1. LOVE your theme song – I’m still laughing!

    Music, no music, I don’t care-just keep podcasting!

    Have a fabulous month off-I’ll be anxiously awaiting the first episode of season 2

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