travel 2 w/ pictures

So I went to D.C. and visted with my family and friends. My little cousins both recieved hand made gifts, and they both loved them so much. Making it awesome… I also went to the new native american museum, which I highly recommend.

I have pictures… Hooray..

OK, to start with… cute kids who like my FOs

Skate Kid

Skate Kids


Ahh… He’s trapped in yarn

Free at Last

See how happy he is with the hat I made for him…
eventually it was for him

Sew in love with that purse

She sew loves that Purse I made her

friends who put up with me

Look I have friends who put up with me


This boat is almost large enough to hold all my stash

The Heavens

What a lobby

Stitch DC 1

Stitch DC

Stiich DC 2

Stitch DC

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