An open letter to my knitting needles

Dearest Addison,

 I have missed you a great deal this week. Since I have been trapped in my office all day and night we have not had a chance to commune. Dreaded work, PR, and my engagement party are only continue to seperate us.

I have had some thoughts of how what to do with you upon our reunion and I would love to tell you about it. You see, I have met this woman, and am totally crushing on her. Her name is Elizabeth and she promises to teach me about knitting in a 12 session knitting class on DVD.

How I adore her sensabilities. She has written many books and I have been loving her words so, and to now be able to hear direction through the power of DVD is amazing. She is incredible with the needle, but I wish she would slow down some times. (thank god for the return to chapter button.

So until next we meet,

Happy Knitting

(Not that you would find someone else to knit with… I am a jealus knitter and will not have it..)

One thought on “An open letter to my knitting needles”

  1. Perhaps my knitting and your knitting could keep each other company while we are inundated at work! Great letter! My knitting is jealous!

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