New word: procraftenate

I think I just made a new word while emailing in a semi-sleepy working haze email I just sent.

 To Procraftenate: when one uses crafts to procrastinate from work.. like say blogging instaed of finishing the maps I need to get out for tommorrow.

 Has anyone else ever used this word??


I wonder?

10 thoughts on “New word: procraftenate”

  1. Ahh.. but it could be better.. at 10:00 on my ride home I realized the knitting extension to this word is…



  2. Great word!!!!!!! I surly will have to remember it. Oh yes btw – “Greetings form Sweden” :) I really enjoy your blog – I found you through Brenda Dayne’s Podcast. Your quirky humor and quick wit always makes me smile when listening to your Podcasts and your blog posts

  3. I’ll have to remember that next time I play scrabble.

    Just listened to the last episode – welcome back! You were really crackin’ yourself up there!


  4. No. But I will -now-. Where’s Webster when you need ‘im?

    Email forthcoming — we’ve been yarncrawling this past weekend, away from the Mac. :)

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