The future is a sub shop


I am sitting in a subshop waiting for sum food. Instead of knitting as I usually do, I am blogging on my new treo. It’s so cool, but definitly bot the same as being at my computer.

Over the weekend my parent’ through me and my pumkin an engagement party. It was a wonderful party with 60 or so people, half of which have not seen me in over a decade. I was honored by there company and someone even got me a ball of acrylic.(like I said, they hadn’t seen me in years.

that’s it for now… next week I will have a great show setup…

2 thoughts on “The future is a sub shop”

  1. PUT DOWN THE DAM PHONE!!! Will somebody other than me tell him to put down the phone. He has been attached to it all weekend! i was lucky to get him away from it long enough for the party!!

  2. Listen to Pumkin and stow your new toy – knitting needles are MUCH cooler! My hub is connected to his, too – I am thankful his does not have the PC applications that mine does or he wouldn’t do ANY

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