Flash your knitting bags drawing

I have a little pencil case in which I cary:

  • Many circular needles
  • Spare knitting marker
  • pair of scissors
  • Guage counter
  • tape measure
  • double pointed needles
  • crochet hooks, one large and one small

Sadly, I left my little case at circles two weeks ago, and I have been feeling very naked without it.

This sense of nakedness has reminded me that I need to make a new tool kit to hold all my goodies. One that screams GUIDO and that I would never misplace. One that would somehow be a part of a project bag.

In this vain I would like to invite you to flash your bag to me. In return for helping me gain some inspiration to make a bag for myself(non-floral and all) I will enter you in a drawingfor a copy of Greetings From Knit Cafe (which I reviewed w/ David in episode 12).

Here is how this drawing will work, post a description of what tools and baguage (knitting realted, emotional is optional) you travel with in the comments as well as a a link to a picture of your bag/contianer in all it’s glory. I will then put all the names I recieve into a knitting bag and draw the name of the winner.(offer available where legal…yadda…yadda…yadda…) the winner will be anounced in episode 16.

13 thoughts on “Flash your knitting bags drawing”

  1. I just found your podcast and really enjoyed the last one. I had never thought about the connection between sock knitters and lace knitters before… do you think it\’s comfort with small needles or a love of what comes off of small needles?

    Anyway, I have flashed my knitting bag for you at my new(!) blog.
    If I am traveling with a sock, that\’s all I carry. Otherwise I carry a bag with a Chibi, scissors, calculator, safety pins, gauge/ruler/needle sizer, stitch holders, stitch markers, tape, buttons, pens, tape measures, and whatever other crap gets shoved in there.

    Thanks for your podcast; I am looking forward to hearing more.


  2. I am going through a crochet phase right now because i am better at crochet than knitting, but i love both. My project bag is a Levi’s cordoroy tote with a bazillion pockets inside. I have a sheep tape measure that I found on sale at Joann’s. My hook roll is awesome cause I can cram all of my hooks and gigantic yarn needles inside and roll it up so that i can have more room for yarn. i had my mom customize the openings to match the sizes of the hooks I have. I usually carry The Crochet Answer Book by Edie Eckman so that I can refer to the awesome diagrams when using new or unfamiliar stitches. The tiny hello kitty pencil case has my titanium scissors, yarn needles, spare hooks, and some stitch markers on occasion. I usually take the hello kitty case with me if i am working on a small project like a dish cloth. wow, that’s a lot of stuff. The Yorkies in the background are optional.

    Here’s the pic of my stuff:

  3. Hi there. I know you won\’t want my bag because of the pinkness but the size is great for carrying all my knitting stuff. My bag holds my latest project(s), a clear bag full of notions, stitch markers, hand cream, etc., a pencil zip case with stitch holders, cable needles and a nail file, crochet hooks, the Yarn Requirements Guide, my Knitters Companion, a notebook and a bottled water (for when I go to Knit Club) and sometimes, my cat.
    Photo here:

  4. You mentioned looking for a guy-suitable bag. I don’t know if money is an issue, but Jordana Paige makes very nice messenger knitting bags that I think would suit your needs.

    Good luck!

  5. A few weeks ago, I switched over to a bagsmith project bag with nifty slots for needles, skeins, etc. It’s not as sturdy as I would like, and it wouldn’t do well in the rain — at ALL — but otherwise, it’s quite nifty, not flowery, stands open on the floor, and works well for knitting while walking or riding to work.

    I know I’ve already won one of your drawings, so I’m probably not eligible again, but here’s the pics, anyway:


  6. http://elbowgrease.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/09/knitting_bag_an.html

    It’s the Constant Companion bag from /Knitters’ Stash/ and it truly has
    been my constant companion since I knit it 4 years ago. I love the
    ‘carpet bag’ feel of it and the fact that you can stuff it full and
    throw it over your shoulder and go and it still makes a neat package.
    The notions you see arrayed around the bag are a small subset of what I
    have, but these make up the absolutely essential ‘kit’ that goes with
    me everywhere all the time.

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