What the hell do I know about PR?

So I am currently drowning in my Boston Knit Out PR tasks. I need to come up with about three to four different knitting relating stories for local media to pick up on and get them to cover the knit out prior to the event. Sounds easy enough right?

Well after sending press releases out to the usual suspects and requesting to be listed in online calendars… I feel like no-one out there is listening. And since I feel like no one is listening I fear I may be killing the knit out. Which is really sad, because the thing about a knit out that is awesome for knitters/crocheters and non-fiber people is… there is no selling… only door prizes and teaching. So it’s like this awesome free event where you and your wallet can enjoy the day without guilt.

Can you believe that more than 3,000 knitters show up every year for this event. I hope that my PR performance does not kill this.

If you know anything about how to get onto T.V. / Radio /  or into the local paper in the Boston, Worcester, Providence, Hartford, New Hampshire, North Hampton, areas please feel free to post a comment or drop me a note by email. 2skiens-at-itsapurlman-dot-com

If you have neeto stories you would like to share about knitting or crocheting (and crocheting is super hot right now, Hansel) please feel free to share.

This Labor day weekend is all about me finding an in to some of the media.

Also, I was thinking about doing a piece on college knit groups to try and get college papers involved as well. So if you are a part of a college group and would like to contribute, please let me know about your groups and any other groups you know that might exist.

ok… that’s it… I will go back to being stressed out all on my own… :) THanks for letting me vent.

3 thoughts on “What the hell do I know about PR?”

  1. I know that Emerson’s radio station (WERS) has a variety of listeners and might be interested in helping out. Also, I believe there are a few knitting circles within the metro Boston area at different coffee shops and cafes, that might be a place to start. MassArt is also a great place to begin, even listing it in their student paper would help, there are many enthusiastic fashion students there on the look out for a weekend activity. Hope it helps! See you at Pod Camp!

  2. There used to be a knitting group at Brandeis University when I was at college there. But I don’t know if it’s there now. A bunch of students did knit and crochet squares to make a blanket for charity during my senior year. We donated it to a women’s shelter in Waltham, Sandra’s Lodge.

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