Blog Day 2006

So today is blog day, the day where bloggers point out other bloggers. I know there is supposed to be some kinda interesting effect… But I don’t know that I get it all…

I read way to many blogs for me to pick favorites, they are all favorites. Anyhow, here are the 5 blogs that are currently showing new posts in my newsgator account:

Finished Object Dance
Patience is a Boston knitting guru who has completed 6 baby suprises in the time it has taken me to make one. She is a really nice and patient teacher and put up with me on an almost weekly basis. I highly recommend checking out her blog and reading about the many felted animals in her life.

Full Service Yarn Shop
Lucy is my main yarn pusher. She is a lot of fun to hang out with and holds court on Wendesday and Thursday in her shop. Her blog is new. She like to talk about her life and knitting and her new dog. The pictures of her cousins are usually pretty enteraining.

Grumperina goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot
Kathy is the most famous knitter I know. She is also awesome… and the blog is kinda fun too. As anyone listening to my show knows I am trying to get her to come hang out on the show. She has a very different prespective than I about knitting, but I think we both share a blind love and passion for Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Crazy Aunt Purl
Laurie makes me smile and laugh. Her blog is about her life as a knitter living with cats, an X, and a crazy gardener. Her tales and her deep fried recipes are heart breaking. I love to read about her life stuff and cheer her on from a distance…

Brooklyn Tweed
OK, so I don’t know much about this blog. The reason I have it in my newsgator is two fold; because everything this guy makes is awesome and all his friends seem to be super models. I how he does it, but every picture he takes seems to be more decedant than the last. How does he have all this time to complete so many projects. He really puts me and othe knitters to shame. Damn you and your love of EZ too!!!!

4 thoughts on “Blog Day 2006”

  1. Hey, Guido, thanks a bunch for posting these blogs! I really enjoyed looking at Brooklyn Tweed. He is sooooo talented!

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