Episode 15 – Felt Like a change

I am still glowing from being the belle at the ball at Podcamp. People love guys knitting, who knew. This show represents a little change in format, I am now making the show shorter for your convience. Let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to flash your knitting bags… :)
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Boston Knit Out & Crochet Too 2006
Music: State of Mind by Mike McGill w/ Lee Coulter

Special Guest on Felted Bags
JoJo Jewelry

Music: Call Me Beautiful by 3 Blind Mice

14 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Felt Like a change”

  1. GREAT to meet you!! Talk about a niche! I was also thinking of something like, girls have pearls, geeks have perl and you have purl. It’s the third kind of purl. (I’m still working on it.)



    p.s. If you make a “pod sock” type of sleeve for the video ipod, I’ll buy it!

  2. yes, podcamp has spread your fame. steve sherlock saw you, sent link. my spouse began to spin after joining my treks to many sheep/wool fests. reluctantly began to knit, now loves it.

    big applause for your KIP (knitting in public)! you’d be surprised how many women (just nyc?) reluctant to do this. spouse was about to do it at recent herman melville lecture but told him it was over the top. was i wrong?

    wish i could view your podcasts, sigh. but i am an Elderblogger who is still trying to decide about Flickr.

  3. Ok – just found your podcast this week (actually, just found knitting podcasts in the first place, last week) and really have enjoyed listening to you. I started with episode one, and making my way through them. Glad to have found you!

  4. Pumkin! It was so nice to hear your voice on the Podcast! Please don’t be a stranger to it…..I think you should charge a fee for your future guest appearances! You are a welcome guest to the listeners so please do come back on future podcasts and keep us up to date with the wedding and the bridesmaid purses.

  5. Hey Guido,
    I’m commenting here even though I haven’t actually listened to this episode yet. However, there is some problem with your site and this is the only page I can reach at the moment. Anyways, I’m currently listening to episode 5.1. A few episodes ago, from the description of your university, I suspected you might be a clarkie. This episode, suspicion confirmed. :) I live in Worcester still and I graduated from Clark in 04. I heard that you started spinning back in April and I make drop spindles. If you are still spinning and you haven’t graduated to a wheel yet, I’d like to send you one of my drop spindles as a thank you for your podcast. If you go to my blog, there are pictures of all of my drop spindles there so if you choose which one you’d like, I’ll send it off to you. Also, if none of them are “guy” enough for you, I’d be glad to custom make one – just let me know color, general design, and whether you prefer top or bottom whorl. Note, there’s currently an auction up on ebay for my drop spindles so if you choose one off the blog, give me your first and second choices just in case your first choice sells in this auction. So, drop me an email. :) Thanks again for the hard work you put into your podcast. I love hearing about something more local. :)

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