Knitting Out Loud NYC

Let me start by saying,

Dee's Free Form
I love Dee. She is an awesome force and I can’t wait to interview her… again…
So I went to the NYC Knit Out and Crochet Too last weekend.

Lets Knit 2gether
Check out the new video podcast Lets Knit 2gether

Going to New York by The Michael E. Thomas Band

New York Knit Out interviews in order:
Mary Colucci, Executive Director, Craft Yarn Council of America

Lilly Chin
Lily Chin
Knitty City
Leigh Witchell of Knit 1 Magazine with heckling by Stephanie
Caps for the Capitol

Margaret Hubert
Margaret Hubert
The Point
The Grady’s and there LYS ‘House Of Yarn’ in Manasquan
Michelle Bishop and Harlem Needle Arts

NYC by Bjam

Also, the winner of the flash your knitting bag is Lisa from Saratoga Knitting

Next Episode: Purlwise Portraits – Jared from Brooklyn Tweed

15 thoughts on “Knitting Out Loud NYC”

  1. guido, how very cool: i can write while listening. love the music. do you really want suggestions? you have a warm voice, easy to hear. now you could work on smoother delivery of intro, not slick, just fewer of the uhs.

    mary colucci was so terrific to me in 2000. gave me a table to promote kitchen composting installation i was working on. things have really changed, was mellower and smaller. 30,000 people! well, it’s megacity here. mary is quite a survivor!

    the amazing yarn harlot was there too. stephanie came uptown to knitty city; picture of us on my blog and the unfinished-sock-as-Condom Amulet i made for her. ooo, there’s pearl chin; spouse goes to her men’s knit circle, will teach starting-spin sept. 30.

    good plug for save the children. had not heard about this. like the way you pushed the conversation for including more knitters.

    you’re a fleece artist fan too; spouse spins her roving. wish that woman had let the 11 year old talk more. michelle bishop from harlem, my nabe, been wondering when she’d have her next event. nice plug for our favorite, knitty city, xenobia bailey, the fab crocheter. great you gave her so much time.

    here’s a thought: nyc event is run by the industry. who puts together boston knit-in? another conversation is that many complain that stuff not available for sale. thanks for encouraging me to visit! yours, naomi

  2. Neat show.

    I really liked hearing all the people’s voices jammed together… having never spent more than a few days on the East Coast, I could really hear the difference from the southern/midwestern accents I am more familiar with. And, it was fun to hear about so many different (yet similar) things in such quick succession. I liked that you bookended it with songs about NY.

    I’d love to hear about or even see what kind of knitting bag you make.

  3. Awesome job, Guido! :)

    It was a pleasure to assist you at the NYC KOC2; I’m looking forward to hearing about the Boston KOC2 which, unfortunately, I was unable to attend.

    My offer to help you release your “inner crocheter” still stands!
    Hooked on your podcasts,

  4. Great show! You got some very cool interviews with some great people! Way to go! I always enjoy the music you select and I think your format was just fine. Thanks for your hard work. Keep it up! :)

  5. Love the podcast! You’re doing a great job. You can make them any length you choose, but personally, I enjoy the long ones. One suggestion–when you are interviewing people as you have been doing recently, You really must stop using the phrase “Out of curiosity”. It’s really driving me crazy because you say it A LOT!! Don’t take this to heart, it’s just a friendly request :)

  6. Just finished listening to the show, and now I’m really sad that I missed the event – I really felt like I was there!

    Anxiously awaiting your interview with Brooklyn Tweed . . .


  7. I liked the different speakers one after the other. If you had more speakers, though, you might want to separate them with a short burst of music (5 secs, even).

  8. Guido –
    Fun show!! I love hearing about other peoples passion for yarn and knitting. It was a good show format, quick and to the point. Hope to hear more about what you working on and some of the challenges and triumphs you are experiencing.

    By the way, I have one tiny little (funny actually) critiscism of the show. Everytime you spell out the website, it’sapurlman, you forget the “a”. Sorry, I noticed it a long time ago and it’s so cute. Anyway, I thought I’d pass that along. LOL!

    Take care!

  9. Hey… was THERE! Was my first one ever and I could not believe all the knitting energy that was there…. I guess I was too excited, being my first time and all! I learned new techniques and communed with like-minded knitters. It was great talking to strangers about their/my knitting.

  10. Hey!
    Thanks so much for playing my song. I actually knit myself, so it was a nice surprise to see a relevant podcast play my stuff :P

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