Episode 17: Brooklyn

NAME(AGE) Jared (24)
OCCUPATION: Artist in NYC and an admissions officer at a college
YEARS KNITTING: Learned as a child from his mother. Got serious about it two years ago.
CLAIM TO FAME: Brooklyn Tweed
FAVORITE LYS: Online shops
CURENT UFO: He has many projects on the needles but believes that he will complete a sweater from Denim People next.
POM-POM: Yes to pom-poms. He feels pretty great about them.
KNIT IN PUBLIC: Yes, on long bus rides, but not on the subway. Too much stress on the train.
GROUPIE OR LOANER: Loaner, he enjoys the conversation, but it just doesn’t happen for him.
LAST YARN PURCHASE: Bought a sweater’s worth of Jaeger Trinity from WEBS
LATEST BOOK: Last ten books he bought were knitting books. He doesn’t know what the last one was though.


OK, so I am putting this out earlier than I thought because I wanted people to know about the events that are comming up. I know people need advance warning because I know people in Boston will want to go. Also… last minute additions Shannon Okey will be at Mind’s eye on Satyrday the 7th and Stitchy McYarnpants will be at the Porter Square Book Shop on Oct 13th. Who knew having a topical show would require so many announcments.

That being said, the interview I did with Jared has been one of the most wonderful things I have done so far. He is truely an interesting and thoughtful knitter and was very engaging. Not to mention how astonsihingly beautiful it was in the park that day.

Lot’s of good stuff to come in the near future, I have my review copy of Knitting with Balls and will bring it ot the KGB group tonight for a little discussion. I’ll let you guys know more next week.

Made Me Cry by Boo Boo Davis


Find our more about Lucy’s sock fest and sock club at Mind’s Eye Yarns

Knit Two Together at the fullerCRAFT museum

11 thoughts on “Episode 17: Brooklyn”

  1. 2Skiens:
    I love your podcast-thank you. However, I have dial up-yes, there are some of us out there and I listen to alot of podcasts. Recently, I discovered ‘Geek Farm Life” podcast and they have a “dial-up” download option that takes a FRACTION of the time it takes for me to download your podcast (and all of the other podcasts I listen to). Andrew, of Geek Farm Life, told me via email that it is a really simple thing for a podcaster to offer this dial up option. Would you consider looking into it? Right now it takes me 3 times longer than the actual time of the podcast to download it (sometimes longer). FYI-I live in the rural Upper Peninsua of Michigan and in the paradise where I live, dial up is not an option. Thanks and keep up the podcasting-I look forward to every episode.

  2. Hey Carol…

    I understand your delema and feel for you. When I will keep my ears open as to find a way to do this in the future, but as it stands the show takes up a lot of my time without being the one who has to break new ground. I will email Andrew in a week or so to ask him about what he is doing, but I will warn you that we, podcasters, all do things differently in setting up our feeds and recording… so what he does may not work for me.

    Good for you to post, asking is the only way other know you want.

  3. Hi Guido

    I was so excited when I heard u mentioned that Brooklyntweed is going to be on your show. That is so cool! I was always curious about this guy behind all most wonderful FOs.

    Long Live It’s a Purl, Man!

  4. Loved the interview with Jared………you said it right…….his photos appear to be “dipped in gold”. As a mother of two boys and one girl. They all knit, and I love that.

  5. Hi Guido!
    Don’t re-record your theme song! I listen to your podcast while I am out running and that song makes me laugh every time. It never fails, it is great as it is.

  6. Guido! I just listened to the newest pod-cast and enjoyed it very much. I have no idea why i tunes rates you as explicit (after all, Brenda Daynes had the F bomb on a few casts;-).
    As for groupie vs. loaner, this confused me, too. A loaner is someone who will let you use his/her addis. A loner is someone who knits alone.

  7. I know that you love Elizabeth Zimmermann. I just thought that you should know about a wonderful installment of her work, her daughter’s(Meg Swansen) work and some of the designers who have been influenced by their brilliance! It is at the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and is up through the middle of December. Go to Schoolhouse Press’s Web site for more information and links to the exhibit. Meg Swansen spoke at the opening last Sunday and was soooo inspiring! It is 3:45 in the morning and I am listening to you while finishing the raglan pullover from Knitting Without Tears, knitting with my own handspun in tweedy black, grey, red wools with some white mohair blended into some of the yarn. It should be very warm! Almost time for breakfast….I must knit on!
    Sara Kleefisch

  8. Fine content nevertheless I want to show you that I think there is trouble with your RSS feeds since they seem to not be working for me. May very well be just me but I figured I would suggest it.

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