Holiday Knitting Approaches

So not to spook you, but… Next week is ten weeks from Christmas.

This can me:

  • It’s time to get you projects going
  • It’s time to pick some holiday projects
  • It’s time to buy some knitting gifts for friends
  • It’s time to buy yourself some nice knitting gifts to sneak into the pile of gifts (he with the most gifts wins)

In this vain I am going to try and help people out in two ways:

  1. I will be giving away a free books each week from now until Christmas
  2. I will be incouraging you guys to knit some items for charity

I Bet you didn’t see number two comming. I know that I didn’t. I guess in a way I would like to start a knit along that contributes to charities. All knitting charities are good, but since the weather is getting colder in N.E. I am going to be working on some kid clothing and adult hats to keep people warm this winter.

So I will work to help give out some books that will inspire you to knit something for a loved one or charity, you guys get out there and knit until the cows come home.

So this week, if you feel so inclined, comment to this post with a charity knitting pledge and I will put you in a drawing for a free book on Sunday’s show. This is an honor system, but if you complete your pledge come back and comment about it again showing us what you have done.

18 thoughts on “Holiday Knitting Approaches”

  1. Don’t forget the mitten tree at Mind’s Eye, collecting mittens/hats/scarves/etc. for Somerville Family Network. It goes up the day after Thanksgiving!

  2. We always give to our Christmas Tree of Blessings put on by a local organization call Cornerstone Outreach.It helps the needy on our community.I always try to tuck in a hat and gloves or scarves.This year I will knit one myself instead of purchasing one.Thanks for prompting us all to think of others.Love your blog!

  3. How crazy – I’ve been thinking about knitting for charity a lot over the past two days. I mentioned it in the ‘cast, and we had a discussion about it tonight at the Guild board meeting. Wow. Now this is the third time – maybe it is a sign?

  4. I’m knitting scarves all fall to be handed out to the homeless this winter.

    A while ago I rescued a big bag of off-white yarn that had been bound for the landfill. It’s 100% acrylic from the 80’s, which isn’t that fun to knit with but I hate to see it go to waste. Since it was free yarn (and that is a good thing in any form) I thought it would be nice to pass along the windfall.

    So, needing a somewhat mindless project I can knit on during my classes and wanting to practice some new stitch patterns, I decided scarves would be perfect. It’s a win-win situation – I get to do some bonus knitting, and get the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something to help some people in need; and they get warm fuzzy scarves to help fend off the cold.

    If I get sick of knitting scarves I’ll do some hats too, and probably give them out directly with sandwiches.

    Love the show. Happy knitting!

  5. I will be knitting mittens and hats. My daughter’s school always had a mitten and tree har every year. Mittens and hats are given to underpriviledged kids in the school, with leftovers passed out to other schools in the area.

  6. I’m going to be knitting at least one scarf for the Red Scarf Project ( I’m going to do the first one using some of my very own handspun (a rare animal) and the Yarn Harlot’s latest pattern (on her blog, in the Oct. 12 post). These scarves go to orphans at college, and this is very near and dear to my heart for a couple of reasons. And on the selfish side of things, scarves aren’t due until January which gives me a little extra time after the holiday rush. But I am counting it (them) on my “must be done” list, the completion of which will allow me to start my reward project for me (which is going to be the Wanderlust Sweater from IK Fall 06, but with an extra 1/2 repeat at the bottom so it actually looks good on me).

  7. Guido,
    I’m all over free books :) And my 1st fair isle hat – it’s being donated to Cradles to Crayons :)
    See you Sunday at Circles maybe?

  8. Hats. Lots of hats for two orphanages in Ukraine. It’s so cold in the building, they can wear them inside. Plus I get to try out some of my thousand or so hat patterns. Then I committed to a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, but haven’t found a red yarn I want to use. Promised 5 items for Dulaan, which I’m looking forward to because I can use up lots of my stash yarn. Today I began a red watch cap for Ukraine.

    Charity is one of the words for love. Thanks for the gentle push into beginning these “charity” knits.

    I enjoy your ‘cast. Have been listening for several weeks, trying to catch up from the beginning.

  9. A friend of mine runs a Winter Relief program. Several places of worship in the area participate in this program that runs through the winter. Each week a different POW provides shelter and services for a handful of homeless men in our town. I have been thinking about knitting warm hats to donate, and involving my s&b group. Thanks for the nudge to get going!

    I just discovered knitting podcasts, and especially enjoy yours! Thanks for what you’re doing!!

  10. In the summer Brenda of Cast On was promoting a charity knitting group that sends warm hats and mitten and scarves to Mongolian children-I think it is the Dulan Project-anyway, I will knit at least 2 hats for that project that cant be sent to the USA collecting agency for next year’s shipment.

  11. Oops, typo in my last comment-they CAN be sent to the agency since they are already collecting for next year’s shipment!

  12. Re: charity knitting — I am making a vest for older teen /dress for younger child for Afghans for Afghans. The part below the empire waist is done and I hope to start on the top part this weekend.

    Thanks for encouraging the charity knitting. Of course, the nonprofits also appreciate cash donations. Very useful for shipping the knitwear to Afghanistan, Mongolia, or anywhere else. And I don’t work for any of those organizations.

  13. Oi. Yes, I have been thinking about Christmas lately, and promising myself that the list won’t be long this year…of course I haven’t actually started anything yet….

  14. Knitting for charity – I will knit baby hats for a knit sib’s holiday project. And I will make at least one 8″ square for Grandmother Purl.

    New subscriber here! In California. I just listened to the first 9.25 episodes today… I drove 7 hours round trip to visit with family. So thank you for keeping me alert and entertained on the road! I was a little nervous about relying on a podcast I’d never listened to before to keep me entertained for 7 hours. I didn’t even do a test run… just subscribed, downloaded and drove. :) Risky, I know!

    I like listening to new podcasts in succession. I really noticed a big difference in the quality of your podcast from the first show to the most recent one I’m on (#10). I like the yarn crawl (is that the right phrase??? I’m delirious from all the driving and walking around in the sun I did today.) I just wish I lived on the east coast (I lurrrve NYC!) so I could go to the events you talk about. I also wish I had more of a man-brain so I could name some of the movie quotes and win free schwag! :D

    You’re doing a great job! I’m sure I’ll get caught up on the rest of the podcasts soon.

    Oh and in case you’re keeping track, I fast forward through music. :) Oh and I loved the story in #9… I kept trying to predict the ending and I was wrong wrong wrong! Such a good storyteller.

    Happy Saturday!

  15. I want to knit start knitting for charity but I don’t know of any in my area that is collecting handknit objects. I just decided I will use my leftover holliday yarn to make a hat for the Dulan project. I was wondering what to do with it and this is perfect. I may have enough for two hats. Thank you for the suggestion.

  16. I plan on making lots of warm hats for the Dulaan project again and also for the Mitten Tree at the church my mom goes to. I was actually able to finish a couple this weekend.

  17. omigosh is it really only ten (8) weeks till xmas? Allrightee–I knit kitty blankets for the Humane Society–snugglesprojectDOTorg. I was taking a break for the holidays, but what the heck! I’ll sign up for 4 kitty blankies by xmas!

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