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Just got this and I don’t plan on recording until sunday so I thought I would post about it. I will also post a drawing winner tommorrow night.

Breast Cancer Event at Spark Craft Studios
{October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month.}


Give “A HUG & HOPE” to young women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer!
Learn how to knit a shrug which will be donated to breast cancer patients after


Knitting reduces stress, promotes self-esteem and is a social activity. “Knit a
Shrug – Give a Hug” exists to empower women and those who love them, to create an
item of beauty and “Shrug off Cancer” in style! All women want to feel beautiful,
inside and out, especially when they are facing the harsh reality of becoming a
cancer patient. Turn the tide – knit a shrug and give a hug to women in need of a
hug and HOPE.


Beginner, intermediate & expert knitters are welcome. Spark Craft Studios will
provide participants with a free knitted shrug pattern and help even beginner
knitters get started. Spark is also offering a 20% discount on yarn used for the

Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 3:00 pm. People who cannot attend our event
may also drop shrugs off at Spark Craft Studios.  The store will mail them to Hugs
of Hope after Thanksgiving.


Spark Craft Studios, 50 Grove Street (Davis Sq.), Somerville MA.


To learn more and/or to register for this event, please call Spark Craft
Studios (http://www.sparkcrafts.com) at 617-718-9132.  For more info. about Hugs of
Hope, visit http://www.hugs-of-hope.org/.

6 thoughts on “Local Event Notice”

  1. I enjoy the podcast. Keep up the good work.

    I just wanted to let you know KnitBits at Berroco has a pattern for a cute needle case you can knit and felt. It’s plain and tasteful. Although it’s not a bag, it could hold your needles under control. It could definitely fit part of the description you want. I am thinking of making myself one.

  2. Thanks for the info on the Sparks event. I’ll be there tomorrow!

    p.s. I’m thinking of making my first trip to Webs soon. Want to record an instant & honest reaction for the podcast? I remember you mentioning that you were going to interview them soon.

  3. I just remembered that you asked for opinions on gifts for guys. I have two stories for you. Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but here you go:

    Last year, I had just started knitting again, and was working on the Newsies Hat from SnB Nation at my parent’s house. All of my siblings loved it, and as soon as I cast off, they all took turns making fun of it and trying it on enviously. My one brother especially, who’s 21, said several times that he really liked it and would totally wear it if it was brown or black.

    A few months later, as I started becoming more experienced in knitting, I noticed that I had constructed the cables completely wrong. I ripped the entire thing out and started again. By the time I was done, it was getting close to Christmas, and I was trying to think of quick stuff to knit for family.

    I naturally thought of my brother when I looked at the hat, so I brought it over to my neighbor’s house, and she showed me how to dye it in a large pot on her stove with a mahogany colored acid dye. The hat came out more reddish purple brown than anything, but was actually nice and manly, although I know that description sounds doubtful.

    The hat was dry just in time for Christmas day, and I presented the finished gift to him. He liked it and wore it some that day…but soon after forgot it in my brother’s car, who then took it to his home in North Carolina, and the hat has not been heard from since. From what I understand, no efforts have been made to retrieve the hat.

    On the other hand, I designed and knit a pair of socks (only my third pair of socks knit at that point!) for my North Carolina brother for that same Christmas, and he’s told me stories of wearing them with pride at every opportunity — even remembering to tell people that his own sister had knit them for him! (Those socks are the King Kong Cabled Footies pattern on my blog, http://flashbangfibers.blogspot.com)

    In summery, I suppose that I would say from my experience, you need to consider carefully the guy you’re knitting for. Some guys really appreciate it, and others would just reather get a computer game. Along these lines I should add that I have not knit one stitch for my husband yet. He is so incredibly picky, and doesn’t want to feel obligated to wear something I’ve knit if he doesn’t really like it. Since its’ hard for him to know what he will like until after he tries it on, this puts a damper on my creative plans. This has stopped bothering me; I know that someday, together, he and I will design the ideal sweater…or just some socks…and he’ll love them. Someday.

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