Like most podcasters… I find my real-life slowing me down.

I am working on getting the next episode together. It just seems that every day brings new challenges for me in my work, family, and even with my car. So I am trying to get back on track and am hoping to have a new show together soon and one ready for the weekend. i will be going to stitches East and am looking forward to meeting some of you gals( and guys) there.

 Drop me a line if you are going, or post about your plans for the event. I will in the Market running around on Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Stalling”

  1. In my opinion, you can get them done on any schedule you want. Certainly I wouldn’t want you to feel guilty, or so pressured that you’d rather give up the ‘cast.

  2. It’s funny how life gets in the way sometimes, isn’t it. :) I can barely keep my nose above water, never mind my whole head. I’d give you some advice on how to overcome it, but I don’t know any. Not yet, anyway.

    I just made plans to be at Stitches! I’m going to be signing books Fri, Sat, and Sun at The Elegant Ewe’s booth, and I’ll also be wandering around trying not to buy anything. I hope we run into each other!

  3. Stitchy stole what I was going to say! In fact, I think she pre-emptied my entire comment. :)

    I’ll be at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar starting at 11, signing books – stop by if you’d like… I’d love to meet you (or maybe I’ll see you running around the market!).

    Safe travel – best,


  4. Have a great time at Stitches! I’m just catching up with your previous podcasts and enjoying the variety of each show. I really enjoyed hearing your interview of Wren Ross and hope to pick up her CD’s soon! Knit On!
    Sara Kleefisch

  5. Completely understand about life pulling you in every direction! I’m sure just the wedding planning is filling your life up. Looking forward to the podcast whenever you can do it. You have loyal listeners!

  6. Hi! In listening to past podcasts, I have a suggestion for you. There is a series of canvas “tool” holders that are available at Schoolhouse Press. One is the Circular Solution, which I wouldn’t be without. The circular needles are in their places and will never curl up on you again! Also, there is a dp holder that folds out and a smaller one that holds crochet hooks. Rhoda also designed a port-a-pocket for carrying a ball of yarn and needles for small projects over your wrist. Check out Schoolhouse Press. They have lots of goodies and tools!
    Sara Kleefisch

  7. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for introducing yourself at Stitches East! it was fun to meet you. and I hope I wasn’t babbling on too long on the podcast…..

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