Episode 20: Talking for Twenty

This week I talk for tewnty or more and still I forget things that I want to share. Like the charity drawing/contest, I am planning on knitting something up for this and it’s local, and still I forget. please drop by her site and if you have the time in the next week whip up a shrug.

This weeks drawing is for Shannon Okey’s Spin to Knit and will be reviewed next week. To enter please post what you think this show is about?? Perhaps what you would like to hear more about in the future as well. :P (This is what happens when I come up with a drawing question while recording)

That being said here is a whole lotta notes:


MUSIC – I write Sin’s Not tragedies by Panic at the Disco

Show Note: That first person talking is my pumkin declaring my show as dead to her

Skeintly Clad – Daria
Elegant Ewe – Marcu Richardson
Rita Young (is awesome)
Yarn Safari – Peta
PigBook – Britt
Stitching Mantis
Ewe’ll Love it

EPISODE 20 (this one)

Carpool Lane – Carne Cruda

Sticks and String with David
Under the fiber Moon
Let’s Knit Together
Podcamp people

Thanks to STC

AlternaCrafts: 20+ Hi-Style Lo-Budget Projects to Make
Simple Knits with a Twist: Unique Projects for Creative Knitters

Falling Leaf (chuppa pattern… it’s huge)

Venezia 50/50 merino/silk (yum)
Sheep Shop
Kate’s Yarn (AJAX FIBER)

25 thoughts on “Episode 20: Talking for Twenty”

  1. Knitting, and all things yarnish.

    The show is about knitting, whatcha want to say about it is up to you;) Interviews, review etc- are all fine by me;) I like the format- and the flexibility that you have.

    The sweaters from your aunties sounds incredibly sweet, here are shorts to work it with:

    http://sazzvintage.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=5524&Category_Code=40s50s&Product_Count=11 Without pictures it’s hard to judge the matching… but it could work:)

    Thnx for all the editing work… I enjoy the show. ps do I win?

  2. What’s this show about?!
    Obviously it’s about one of the passions that you have found in your life and your enjoyment and excitement of sharing this passion with your listeners….who just happen to have the same passion!
    Rather than this show being equated to a never ending sweater – a big, elaborate wip…I would have to equate it to a king size bed cover that is knit entirely on size 1 and 2 needles as you show every single detail of the scene of your knitting life on this covering, just as you reveal all of the details about whatever you are podcasting about in each show.

  3. Guido,

    I enjoyed your appearance in Cat’s video podcast, nice to see you.

    I suggest the name of Episode 20 should be “Guido’s Spontaneous Knitting Thoughts.” I like the spontaneity of your podcasts. I like the way you mix it up.

    Also, I strongly suggest checking at your local library for knitting books. I live in Oklahoma City and we have the most awesome metropolitan library system. They are always getting in new knitting books and have a fantastic selection. Check it out, and you could easily continue review books, and the old ones are good, too! Seems all podcasts are reviewing the new ones, how about some older print books? Also, it’s cheaper, but of course, you cannot give those away! Additionally, you can take the book home and peruse it before you decide to buy.

    I enjoy all of your podcasts!


  4. Yeah… so the contest was totally an ego stroking thing… Ughh…

    Oh well… next week I will think up a better drawing thingy…

    Perhaps if you want a better post option for the drawing… write about why you want the book or how spinning is going to make your knitting rock… :)

  5. OK

    I want this book so badly…

    OK start over…

    This show is all about real life. It’s about breaking down walls, and telling social stigmas to shove it where the sun don’t shine. It’s about just doing what you really want to do, even if you’ve never done it before.

    Cause I would totally podcast about knitting if I had a mic.

    By the way, I know you consider yourself a beginning knitter, but seriously, I wish I could describe my knitting as eloquently as you do yours. You make is *sound* like you’ve been doing it forever.

    OK, Guido, I really want that book. Here’s why:

    I have been knitting for 2 years, and spinning on a drop spindle for less than one month. But I have fallen in love with spinning, and am completely obsessed with knitting. I totally know what you mean about not giving up your own handspun yarn. I wonder if eventually you just get too good and things don’t seem like such an accomplishment anymore.

    I know this comment sounds SOOOO greedy and selfish…

    But seriously. The book. I really want it. Hahahaha!!

    (By the way, have you incorporated the carabiner idea I had yet? Haha, that was me!)

    Also: http://www.knittingpassion.com/the-tick/

    I am not crazy. Ask Zabet from theanticraft.

  6. Hi I only just found your podcast and checked out this episode, which I really enjoyed, so much so I am now working my way backwards through the whole thing, listening to episode 16 now, well in a minute.

    I would love to be able to have that book as I have ordered my spindle and am raring to go, something like this book would make my life complete LOL. I have to wait though for my spindle as its coming from the US and I live in the UK.

    I will definitely be subscribing to the Podcast, along with my other regulars, Brenda, Marie, Lime and Violet and Carrie of BritKnitCast!

  7. Hi Guido!
    I listen to your podcast while I’m walking to and from work. I take the train and it’s a mile from my house to the station. That’s fifteen minutes of walking, ten to fifteen minutes on the train, and another ten minutes on the other end while I walk to my office. Sometimes I knit in the station and on the train, but it’s often hard to hear a podcast on the train.

    Now that you’re podcasting regularly again, I look forward to taking a walk with Guido one day a week. You made me laugh out loud a couple of times this morning and this evening on the way home I heard about the sweet knitted gifts from your aunt from Chile. It’s really nice to have you for a walking buddy!

  8. I think it’s about you.

    In a good way.

    In the way that when we’re all at stitch n bitch we want to hear about everyone’s adventures in knit-land, books they like, yarns they like. patterns they’re doing, that movie they were watching last week where someone was knitting.

    So in that way your show is about whatever strikes your fancy. I like interviews… I like listening to you talk for twenty (or whatever) minutes. It all entertains me.

    But I’m a knit geek… so there’s that to consider too.

  9. Hi,

    I couldn’t listen to your pain any longer without helping ;0)

    The solution is so simple, you will realise that in a little while longer you’d have figured it out your self.

    Sorry for the garbled explanation – I’m not so good at pputting action into words.

    Simply knit an extra one or two sitches from the next needle. IE say you have 60 stitches, divided between four needles – 15 stitches on each needle. Knit 16 or 17 stitches each time – you get to the end of the stitches on your needle, just knit 1 0r 2 from the beginning of the next one, then change needles.


    Advancing the spaces between the needles means that ladders are never an issue, well, they haven’t been for me!

    Best wishes,


    Glasgow (as in Scotland!!)

  10. I think this Podcast is about a guy’s perspective on knitting, which I find really interesting. Whether you are reviewing a book, describing a problem that you have with your knitting, or interviewing other knitters or authors, I get a kick out of hearing your take on the knitting world.

    I am also very impressed that you are knitting a chuppah. What a wonderful keepsake that will be so special for both of you.

    As for “Spin to Knit,” I have read lots of reviews of it (and listened to your interview with Shannon). I had never thought I’d be interested in spinning, but this book has piqued my interest and I’d love to own it!

  11. I’m pretty new to your podcasts, but from the handful I’ve listened to I’ve just really loved the variety. I would say that’s what it’s about. The Guido Variety Show! I enjoy the interviews and getting to hear what people are working on, but I also really loved this episode just hearing you talk. I think there’s room for both.

    As for the book, I really need it. I have been drop spindling for nearly a year (sakes I can’t believe it’s been that long) on and off. I have a few skeins of fun obviously beginner handspun, but I have no idea what to do with it!! I would love to be able to make it into something awesome I could use and feel proud of, but I just don’t know what. I’d love the ideas from the book. And it would motivate me to spin more!

    Thanks for the great epi :)

  12. Yes, yes, Guido – make “bloke” and “jumper” part of your vocab – we Aussies will reclaim our vernacular!

    More about your spinning would be great. :)

  13. I definately am craving this book. Shannon Okey was my partner in a secret pal swap…..she was the one who gave to me in secret so when I found out who she was I was totally gobsmacked!!

    I really like this spontanious, open mike, live format from todays cast. You should do it more often! I enjoy how keep us all up to speed about what is going on in your neck of the neighborhood. You have a nice, easy listening voice.

    Keep up the great work.

  14. This podcast is about a young man, the age of my oldest son, who has a great voice and a passion for all things knitting and spinning. I share these passions with you and enjoy your young enthusiasm for life and love. Awwwwww.
    Knit on!
    Sara Kleefisch

  15. This show is about fiber ………….. I would have said kntting but you semm to have turned over to the spinning side, something I have been afraid to do :) I think that the show is wonderful and I love listening to you each time and learning some new things, as I am a lonely one woman knitter. Kepp up the good work and congrats on the wedding – I am getting married in a few months and it takes up time planning!!!
    Whitney in GA

  16. Guido,
    Thanks for talking about me on your show! I loved what you had to say. Do you mind if I make an attempt at cutting that part of your podcast to play on an upcoming episode of my show?

    As for what your show is about, hmm.. how about this?

    “It’s a Purl, Man! – A knitting and spinning podcast about a guy in Boston with an overflow of yarn and an addiction to knitting groups. It’s a peek into his fiber-filled life.”

  17. Hi,
    I love your podcast. The bit about the matching jumpers made me laugh out loud. I’m going to go back and listen to some of your earlier ones.

  18. Hey Guido,
    I had a great time chatting with you about knitting and spinning at Stitches East! Thanks to your ideas, my first spinning project turned into a hat instead of a just a small lumpy ball of fuzz….

    Thanks for mentioning us in your show! Have a great Thanksgiving..

  19. Hello Guido,

    I have been listening to your show for a while now and just got to posting, or wait i posted one time i think. Whatever i just wanted to talk about what your show it is about. I think your show is exactly how you protray it most of the time you get on and your a guy talking about your knitting exoeriances and thats soo awesome.

    About the matching Sweaters coughoverdyecough.

    well Thanks for the show and if you hve a drawing can you make my number 42 thats my luckyt one lol.

    oh oh oh i think you said it in your show after the podcast thingy you went to that consistant shows are key i like that mentality not just cause i like your show but because its just more professional too.

    have a good week keep up the good work

  20. Hey,

    I think the show is about you and your knitting and all the wonderful things there are to discover when knitting or creating.

    I’m a new knitter but have crocheted in the past and love hearing about what other knitters experiences are and compairing them to my own.

    I really appreciate all the work you put into the podcast. Keep up the good work!


  21. What is this podcast about? Well that seems obvious….it’s about a man with yarn issues…duh! *lol* Hey, I love listening to a man talk about knitting and his love of yarn! Keep up the great work and the free-flowing format!

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