Completely different

This is what happens when my little cousin gets what he wants.

More importantly, Ian likes my knitting and is interested in learning a little himself I think.

Sweet… more obsession to share in my family.

IAN says:
that is not true! geeze.

10 thoughts on “Completely different”

  1. Awww, how cute! Loved the mini-episode. Tell Ian that he did a great job. =)

    Since I’m here, I’ll answer last episode’s question on “what I think your show is about”. I think that your show is about a guy’s journey through the amazing world of yarn and now fiber, and that fascinates me, because mostly I just know girls who are interested in this. It’s always eye-opening to hear your take on things, which makes your podcast (which is a great show anyway) even better. =)

  2. I have a plan. I plan to finish the great big sweater and a whoooole bunch of Christmas presents. You are key to this plan. I will listen to your podcasts and I

  3. I truly enjoyed this podcast. I live in Long Island, my nephew’s live in North Carolina. The sound your cousins sweet little voice just warmed my heart. You should have him on more often! Maybe you should do a show on teaching him how to knit.

  4. I spent almost 11 hours knitting today.. and at least 6 of them while listening to past episodes as I catch up (just finished the Not-A-Rainy-Day after your summer break)… thanks for keeping me company!

    I really appreciate your all-in-one-takes, and your ideas of sharing the bounty when you get gifts/review copies from publishers.. mind if I use that? I’m in the planning stages for yet another knitting podcast, and while I hope to have some original angles, I’d love to follow your lead in that one :) (assuming I can a- gather an audience and b-convince publishers that I have an audience!)

    Thanks so much for putting yourself out for our enjoyment! I’ll be caught up soon, and then have twitchy fingers while waiting for new episodes!

  5. Your podcast today was complete cuteness! I always enjoy your podcast, but today was just so darn cute. Looking forward to the next one.

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