Teaser for 22 – NOHO Knits

This week I will be sharing my second interview from Northhampton. I sit down with Linda, the owner of Northhampton Wools, and we will discuss why she deserves an Oscar for her movie magic knitting or at least how she should have been invited on set to get some autographs.

Find out what I’m talking about in the next episode…

Also, there is not going to be any Twisted Sister music in the second NOHO Knits episode. I know that this is truly a disapointment for some. :)

Finally, I am still looing for a yarn shop in Pheonix to send my friend to. So if you have personal history with one such shop please let me know about it.

5 thoughts on “Teaser for 22 – NOHO Knits”

  1. Guido,

    I have checked out your Finished Objects page. Very nice, but I wanted to see the elusive purple monkey. It is mentioned at the beginning of the episodes and I’m attached to it. Where is he (she?)?

    You’re great!


  2. I think that it was a combo of Christine (Pointy Sticks) and Misses Lime and Violet that pointed me toward your podcast. Really enjoy it a lot…I’m working my way chronologically forward starting with the oldest..but I have listened to the last couple of recent casts.
    Btw, my sister went to Clark U and loved it (she actually transferred from Skidmore). She still lives up in Mass in N Andover and I’m down in Tampa (parents close by in Clearwater).
    Here’s my keeping the peace during the holidays…I take call for Xmas and Easter later on as I’m Jewish. Our family really doesn’t have any holiday issues…it is usually smooth sailing…mainly because we only get gifts for the kids.
    I only know knit stores in Tucson not Phoenix unfortunately.

  3. Good Morning Guido!

    There is a knit shop in Phoenix I buy from quite often.


    Family Arts Needlework Shop
    5515-1 North 7th St.
    Phoenix, AZ. 85014

    cross streets are
    Missouri and 7th St.
    There is no sales tax as the shop is non-profit.
    The program that benefits is “Stepping Stones” for at-risk preschoolers.

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