Damn it all

So I was wonderin why it was getting so quiet on the site. And today I fgured it out… Itunes was not updating and people did not realize that I have done the last two shows. I have been having a techinical glitch and I want to strangle my computer and all…

So to all of you on iTunes… oops…

I think I have solved the problem, but will not know until tommorrow. I hope that this whole thing gets resolved by the time I put up the next show.

5 thoughts on “Damn it all”

  1. Yeah, I was wondering if you had stopped doing the show. . . Now I’ll need to catch up on back issues. Luv the show!

  2. I had no problem getting the shows on itunes. I had actually listened to the NOHO awhile ago, and the NOHO 2 a few days ago. (can’t really remember cause all the days are blurring together)

    Or maybe I’m just obsessed.

    Keep up the good work! Love the show.

  3. Yeap true Itunes would not update, but Newsgator did so I streamed it not a problem. I might have been just about the only one that heard it then?
    I had to laugh at you walkind and podcasting. It was a lot of fun. Then you did a great job pasting in the interview. Keep going. It is lots of fun!

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