Like the first time

So… Have you ever joined a new gym after a long break and found it hard to get back into it. Felt a little a weird in the locker room or taking a shower amongst all the other people.

Much like my return to the gym, my return to the podcast this year is a work in progress. I tried on Sunday, Monday, and yesterday I even recorded 10 minutes, but then I had to stop. I wasn’t ready yet.

So when I do get going again, I try again tonight, I am going to put out a lot of little shows, 15-30 minutes, trying hard to get the 2006 recorded material out. Do not fear the silence, because soon you will have more show than you will know what to do with.

Also… I will be playing around a little bit with the site design. If you see something you like or dislike feel free to let me know. I am not wedded to any one thing yet. The current Banner is not working for me after having it up there for a day or two.

7 thoughts on “Like the first time”

  1. Whoa– you don’t like the brown knit metro Boston map? You could play around with the execution, but the concept’s fantastic.
    — Danielle “Guido’s Cheerleading Squad” D.

  2. I have recently discovered the world of podcasts and with that stumbled across your site because I too have an obsession with the knitting. First, I subscribed to your podcast and have listened to the first four episodes so far, and think it’s awesome. I love knitting and I love music, and your show is a great combination of both. As for the banner… I kind of dig it. This was my first visit to the website, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I have to say I dig it. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the past episodes and more in the future.

  3. No worries! You know we can wait. :)
    Hey, I love making graphics and designing banners and stuff! If you want, I could try my hand at making something up for you. Drop me a line if you are interested! :)

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