Episode 25 – Stitches East: the one with the LYSs

On today’s show I share the discussions I had with local yarn stores that were at Stitches East.

INTERVIEWS (in order of appearance on show)
Marie Connolly of Stitch DC in Washington D.C. (with acrylic heckling from Brandon Mably)
Carol of Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philly, PA (who also writes Go Knit In Your Hat and makes hand dyed yarn at Black Bunny Hop)
Lorraine Guadet of A Good Yarn in Baltimore, MD
Chris Cahs of Cloverhill Yarn Shop in Baltimore, MD

Darling by The Jon Conahan Group

8 thoughts on “Episode 25 – Stitches East: the one with the LYSs”

  1. Rowan’s Big Wool is still available. WEBS has a bunch of current colors and even some discounted closeout colors in the warehouse. Check them when you’re in town doing Ready, Set, Knit. When I learned to knit I used Big Wool. So I’ll always have a special place in my heart for it.

  2. Guido, hey there. I’m the guy you were talking to at A GOOD YARN at Stitches East. Glad you finally got the pod cast up w/ the interview w/ Lorraine. I’ve been checking the site to see if it would show up. Hope you had a good time in B-more. Will we see you at MD SHEEP & WOOL in May?

  3. I know you like comments. How do I know? Because I’ve been listening and loving your podcast! Keep up the great work-I’ll be here listening. :)

  4. Great show, as always….but I’m missing your book reviews! I collect the books as much as the yarn and your opinions count!!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Have you seen the funky Rowan magazine/collage called Pub Knitting? It uses lots of Rowan Big Wool. Fun to read, even if the patterns don’t tickle your fancy. Thanks for your new podcast!

  6. Thanks, Guido! I’m not sure I’m ready to listen to my heinous Philly accent, but I do appreciate your willingness to chat with me on a live mike. I hope you didn’t have to bleep anything out. ;)

    It was wonderful meeting you.

  7. Hi Guido! I’m slowly catching up. But I just hit play on this episode and sang along to the entire theme song. Then I had to laugh, can you beleive how catchy it is? Nice job with the podcast. You’ve official become part of my knitting routine.

  8. welcome aboard… glad you like the theme song.. I need to re-record it with my brother some day.. it’s a little scratchy, but damn if it doesn’t make me giggle every time.

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