Episode 26: Going old School

I am accompanied on this episode by the fantastic Stitchy McYarnPants. We take a trip in her Museum of Kitschy Stitches to find some of the origins of the male patterns. She has promised to add images of the exhibits on her site.
Some background, I have the following categories of male sweater patterns:
Mud Colors (most sweaters for guys are grey, black, navy, brown, or some combo of such)
Man Stripe (think abercrombie and finch)
The Cosby Sweater (nuff said)
Cable, rib, gansey (usually in a mud color)
NEW Lil Boy’s (upsized childrens sweater)
NEW Women’s Matchy (designed for her first and should have been left at that)

Please comment about this show, I am really interested in anything you have to say about the guy man issue.

MUSIC : Katrina’s Sitch and Bitch by Kentucky Jelly

IMAGES: Sttchy has posted the images in this post

23 thoughts on “Episode 26: Going old School”

  1. OK, that’s completely weird. I’ve never heard so much of my voice before and it’s very odd. I don’t know if we solved the issue with lack of men’s patterns, but I think we did prove that it could be worse. :) I’ll be posting photos a bit later today, I swear!

    I think you’re really going to like Annie and Drew’s new book, “Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them”. We joked about the concept, but I had a chance to see some of the items from the book in person and they were great. There is light at the end of the fug tunnel.

  2. Bwah, ha ha! I was snorking and giggling through this episode. I even “rewound” the song to the beginning, took out the headphones from the laptop, and made Hubby (who was playing poker online on HIS laptop) listen to it (praying that the Things wouldn’t wake up and hear the PG-13 language). TOO funny! And I loved the pictures.

    I’m off to make a matchy-matchy set for Hubby, me, Thing One, Thing Two, and The Beast….

    Love the podcast, Guido. Keep ’em coming.

    — Erica in South San Francisco

  3. I loved the show – this was my first time listening to you. I’ve just recently gotten turned onto podcasts, and yours was on my list of ones to check out. Then when I saw the link and photos from Stitchy’s site, I thought that would be a great first episode to listen too (while sitting at my computer, looking at the accompanying photos). Thanks for the great belly laughs!

    I have now subscribed to your podcast, and will get past episodes and listen to them!

  4. What a great episode! The first time that I listened to it was on my iPod so no pictures…..but they were all so in my head. You both did an excellent job describing the sweaters and the models! I remember the pattern books that my mom had…..these were the ones! However, I don’t remember EVER seeing my dad in anything remotely like these. Mom must have chosen more classy classic vests and sweaters for him and still does. What fun! Wish I could have beenn there!

  5. I’ve been catching up on episodes I’ve missed – and now I’m giggling with the latest one. “Bobble infested nightmare” – haha! Great job, as always!

  6. I just stumbled onto your site today while neglecting the things that I really should be doing…anyway, I would just like to say that I find you very entertaining and from now on I will be a regular listener!

  7. I hadn’t heard your show before but enjoyed it. It gave me a good laugh.
    Even my son makes the distinction between men… and guys… and he just turned 13. I asked him what the difference was and he said Men get married… guys have tons of girlfriends and avoid getting married.
    My Dad (who would be considered a man) has only ever worn those beige fishermen’s sweaters and navy blue watch caps, that’s the extent of his knit apparel–oh and an ancient baggy blue cardigan he hauls out when he’s feeling sick.
    Seeing some of those patterns… it’s no wonder there’s the “boyfriend sweater curse”… one look at those “cosby sweaters” would send anyone running for the hills.

  8. Hi, Guido, This is Sherrard from Sunday morning at Circles. I’m so very grateful for all your help and support in using double pointed needles. Last night I finished another hat fairly quickly all thanks to you. It meant a great deal to me. Also, many thanks for the loan of a needle. I’m guarding it carefully. It was the Stitches episode I’d listened to. I still can’t download either through Internet Explorer or Firefox..not even at work. Mysterious.

    Hope you have a fine few weeks till I see you again…PS It was sweet that you mentioned your “pumpkin” making that noise in the background.

    Best to you, Sherrard

  9. That was so funny! I loved this show! It was great listening to the two of you talk about those old patterns. And usually I do skip past the music, not because I don’t like your choices – I do like them- I would just rather listen to you talking, but I’m glad I didn’t miss my song! Stitch and Bitch at my house!!!! Yeah!

  10. Chalk me up as one who loved this episode. (( Of course now I have to take my suit off before I play with the kids! I liked being lazy when I got home now I have to change! _Thanks Guido!))

  11. Very funny, I kind of wandered over here by accident, but you guys (and the pictures!) really made me laugh all the while I was stuck in St st hell on a never ending blanket. I’ll be back for sure, and I can’t understand why people would skip the music – it was even funnier than the pictures!!

  12. And my daughter asks, Do men have fashion? I mean their fashion hasn’t changed for years. Thankfully, your trip through pattern paradise convinced me that me things have changed. A very fun time! Yippee!

    Are men’s patterns still so hideous? The last sweater I knit for my hub was shortly after we married and, yes, I must admit it was in the his and her version…. houndstooth patterneed with his a crew neck and hers a deep v neck.

  13. I’m a little behind on my Podcasts, but this is a classic! I loved the Katrina’s Stitch ‘n Bitch song!

  14. great episode, and I could almost “see” the pictures in my mind, and then even more fun going to her website and looking at them. Couple of points: in a few years, people will be looking at the current crop of patterns (hoodies, croptops, etc) and saying “what were they thinking?” Secondly, age is a tricky thing. I’m 60, but wouldn’t dream of knitting or wearing the things you were pigeonholing as meant for “dads” “old ladies” etc.

  15. I’m catching up on all the old episodes and I just listened to this one. I was laughing so hard at work that people probably thought I was nuts. I have some old knitting magazines from the 30’s and 40’s that I like to look at because they seem to be a lot of war propaganda. Thank you for making my lunchtime fun. I love your show!

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