One Skien, One Hook


I went to the Porter Square Book’s Happy Hooking event and learned to make the One Skien Scarf from the new Deb Stoller book, Happy Hooker. I finished it in two days and it looks… well… it’s done I guess…

Try as I might I can’t get into this weird hooking lifes style. I have two issues. One, it’s maddening to work off a chain… I really don’t see how you can make things straight and tidy like knitting. Two, I really haven’t found any patterns that suit me in the Stoller book. ( I really wanted to buy a copy from the store, suppoerting them and all)
But I am now interested in returning to Kim Werker’s Get hooked book and try and maks some of the little crocheted anime figurines (I’ll be damned if I call them dolls). I know that most of the book is teeny-bop stuff, but I really like the cute little toys. I have some youngens I can make them for.

So, you are probably thinking to yourself, Guido… Why have you not posted pictures of this awesome new talent?

This time I have a real excuse (no more using that tired I forgot or the dog ate my image excuse anymore). My pumpkn and her pumpkn posse have taken over all rights to my digital camera for the next three weeks while they go wedding dress shopping and take super secret photos. So I am powerless to rebel against the powers that be and will have to wait to post new images.

Finally, a little show house cleaning… I have removed the explicit tag from my show. I dont’ think I am that explicit and if other shows don’t do it, why should I. It’s not like I’m dropping the F-Bomb or discussing the intimate relationship my privates and yarn have…(not that it isn’t amusing to hear this on other shows, but I am way less explicit than that) Anyhow, while I am not completely family friendly, I am friendly enough for most families.

So that’s that… :P

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  1. I’m glad you dropped the explicit tag. I admit it put me off at first. But I kept hearing good things about you in the blogsphere so I finally gave you a listen and I really enjoyed it. But I could not figure out why you had that tag. I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts…esp the most recent one with Stitchy!

  2. I’m glad you dropped the tag also. I couldn’t figure out why you had it!

    I’ve been playing around with hooks a little, too (my son gave me the Happy Hooker book for Christmas.) The things you make with crochet are definitely different than knit projects, Debbie Stoller says to keep in mind that they each have their own characteristics. I’m only finding the occassional throw or rastafarian tam to my liking so far… I have a friend who can’t knit due to a degenerative neurological problem, but she can crochet, so I say, “Hook on!”

  3. I’ve known how to crochet for many years, but only in recent years learned how to knit. I enjoy knitting more…the process, the way it looks, the ease of creating things. I’ve just had more fun with it than I ever did with crochet.

  4. You know, I’m happy to take pictures of stuff for you while you camera is in use. Gives me another excuse to use my nifty new camera!!

  5. I agree that crochet and knitting have different strengths. Try doing the foundation chain with a larger hook (1 or even 2 sizes larger), that should help with the wonkiness at the beginning. I often do the same think when I knit a sock or hat just so it’s not tight at the edge. Same priniciple.

  6. If you like those crochet anime characters (amigurumi), you might like to take a look at the following links. You may have already done your own peek around the internet for these things, but the librarian in me can’t help herself. That, and I’ve recently been looking into doing some myself in the name of stashbusting. Have fun!

    Flickr pool:
    Gourmet Amigurumi:
    And her book at Amazon:
    Article on Crochet Me:

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