Episode 28: Socks!

Kathy, of Grumperina fame, joins me on this show to talk about socks, stash, and everything in-between. She is so cool… I’m not worthy… :)

Cascade Fixation
Pony Pearl Knitting Needles
The Bosworth’s
Greenwood Hill Farm
Stitches East
Green Mountain Spinnery
Skientily Clad
Komi Style Hat
Classic Elite Classic Silk
Winmil Fabric
Fabric Place
Windsor Button
Sew Fisticated
MUSIC: Spa by Johnny Socko
Cabin Fever
Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook
Jay Walker Sock Pattern
Lorna’s Laces Shephard’s Sock Yarn
Regia Bamboo
Knitting on the Road

10 thoughts on “Episode 28: Socks!”

  1. Hey Man,
    I have to say I really love your show, and I have to tell you a few things. I actual own 2 set one size 5 and 13 boye circular needles that are from the 50’s with orginal packageing as a gift from my friends Aunt. I also just bought the book domiknitrix and I love it. I know that you doing a show on sock I finally did my frist trail one. hope to hear fromn you soon.


  2. Nice show! I’ve seen a lot of newbies at Sheep and Wool fests wander without buying, too overwhelmed. I do have a ‘military operation’ style when I go- they are getting so popular these last few years you have to hit your favorite vendors first and buy right away if you love something.

  3. My “to do” list for today is to leave a quick comment at the podcasts I regularly listen to. Thanks for taking the time to put this all together for our listening pleasure. You make my commute to work enjoyable. Great show and yes you are appreciated!

  4. I can not WAIT to listen to this show! After meeting up with both of you in person, it is going to be a blast to hear a whole podcast with you both! (I just have to find my iPod so I can update. I hate remodeling!)

  5. Hi, Guido. I listen in the UK, and I really enjoy your voice and the contents of each podcast. I especially like the interviews you do – keep up the good work and continue enjoying it all :)

  6. Thanks for having Grumperina on your podcast – I’m sooo jealous that you get to knit with her! I recently “discovered” podcasts, and am getting caught up on past podcasts. I had to listen to your latest, because Grumperina was on. :-)

    Keep up the good work! Thanks for taking the time to entertain & educate us.

  7. I am in the middle of listening to this episode in my car and you made me think of looking up Nancy Bush to see where her workshops are, especially after Grumperina said she thought she was out of the Northwest and that is where I live. Anyway, I went to her website and noticed this

    March 31 and April 1
    Knitting Central
    Westport, Connecticut
    contact Cynthia Crescenzo at (203) 454-4300.
    Knitting Vintage Socks
    Knitting Estonian Socks

    I have no idea how the whole east coast thing works but I know alot of the New Englad states are small so I thought maybe this would be doable for you and Grumperina. Just a thought. :)

    I love your show. I am almost caught up now although I see another one has come out. I drive to school five hours every weekend so it’s great to have your show and Lime and Violet to listen too!!! Thanks!!

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