Episode 29 – Friendly Fiber

My friend Diana joins me on the show to talk about knitting, the cutest kid in knitted gear in all of Cambridge, and review Amy Singer’s new Book ‘No Sheep For You‘.

I am looking for a little feedback about what people think about knitting guilds, and what they would like out of a knitting guild. So please post your comment, send me email at 2skiens -at- itsapurlman -dot- com, or call the new voice mail line at 206-984-4286.

Images will be posted as soon as I get more than an hour at home from my temp job… :P


4 thoughts on “Episode 29 – Friendly Fiber”

  1. As promised in the voice mail I left you (I hope I did that right!), for dying with kool aid, you’ll want to use natural fibers. I played with cotton and chronicled it here:
    http://journals.aol.com/crochetwithdee/CrochetWithDee/entries/2005/06/16/-…-dyeing-…/1448 — you can see the end results worked up here: http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL87/507408/7053878/101374285.jpg

    PS: If your camera hasn’t been returned to you yet, you can always scan your crocheted scarf!! LOL — Oh you KNOW I want to see that scarf you crocheted! :D


  2. You are awesome!!!!! I’ve been listening to your podcast for awhile now, but I hadn’t gone back and listened to the older ones until this past weekend (long drive… having you on my ipod felt like there was another person to talk to in the car while i was driving… kinda weird i know… but it helps for long drives) so anyways, I’m still trying to play catch up on listening to your podcasts… and i’m currently sitting at my computer knitting a hat and listening to episode ten with wren ross… ironically her song about knitting a hat starts playing as i’m binding off on my hat… it was a simple exciting irony to me… Thanks for an awesome podcast and keep it up!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really like these episodes with the chatting. Some folks can’t manage the back-and-forth, but you seem like such a natural at it. :)

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