Survey stuff

So I need to ask you all for a favor. Can you please take a moment to answer 10 questions about you and the show. I am trying to get a better idea about who listens and how you are listening.
Thanks for your time. I will be doing a drawing from the names/emails placed into the survey, the drawing will take place next month. I still need to figure out what is going to be given away… :)
The survey is here

14 thoughts on “Survey stuff”

  1. I just filled it out for ya! I haven’t gotten to listen to the latest episode yet (I’m always behind), but I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Done… oh, and thanks for the inspiration, both for getting a phone line in, and for doing listener surveys :) I’ll probably add those in to Christa Knits in another episode or two!

  3. Done, and forgot to mention that I’m still trying to get caught up completely on the past ‘casts. I’m working on the middle ones between your new ones.

  4. Guido,

    I occasionally listen, and didn’t take the survey.. but I am writing up a wrap up of tons of craft bloggers for will be pointing to you.

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