A lot changes in a year

I was catching up on my favorite video blog, zefrank the show, and suddenly I realized two things…

1) Ze Frank The show is ending soon, March 17, 2007.

I will miss his stories and the opportunity to make an ass of myself (I’m the guy on the right). I even supported his show with some candy here and here. Internet Interactive … He is my model for what blog / podcast / community should be… extremely goofy…
But more than that, I feel like Ze is part of my life. Unlike t.v., the end of the series is leaving a little whole in my life. I feel like not being able to hang out with Ze on his video blog is like loosing a close friend.

I may see him someday on T.V. or in film, or if I am really lucky I will be able to see him at a speaking event. But it won’t be the same. All the inside jokes that have happened on blog will make no sense to others…

Who will think so I won’t have to….

2) My podcast anniversary is coming up

Amazingly, it’s been a year. Now that I am at this end of it, I can no longer remeber what life was like without knitting, podcasting, groups, and well wishers.

Never before have I felt such a strong bond to a community. I have close friends from high school and college who will always be a part of my life. But, the bond that I have with you, my knitting friends, is one of a shared experience that has no geographic, age, or ethnic bounds. By knitting and talking about knitting I feel at home with many people whom I have never met or have only met for the first time.

It is amazing…

While we may not always agree about everything, at least we have something to talk about…

(also… thanks for putting up with all my typos and ‘…’ for a whole year and not saying anything about it. This is the sign of true freindship, accepting others for who they are and all… … …)

3 thoughts on “A lot changes in a year”

  1. I’m still catching up on all the past episodes, but also realized that your 1st anniversary is coming up soon. Congrats! I just started knitting in Dec (’06), my dil introduced me to knitting podcasts in early Feb, and now I can’t remember life before this community, either! Thanks for sticking it out with us, thanks for being so willing to share with us! Wish I could come to Boston to meet you and your punkin. Think maybe you could come to Houston? : -)

  2. What a fun podcast! Isn’t life nice where I can knit and you two can do all of the entertaining? I don’t read blogs much (I”d rather knit than read), but perhaps I will have to leverage things a bit more! Keep up the good casts!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary, and Thanks for sharing your knitting adventures. You do a great podcast!

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