Please help me in my plight to collect submissions for a 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall poster. It is going to be full color and laminated. Kimberly and I will be carrying it down to the today show to REPRESENT on the national morning news.

If you are so inclined here is what I am looking for in a poster/slogan:

  • A call to action for for all knitters
  • Knitting anthem
  • Something that is clean (both in language and in copyright)
  • General and inclusive of all knitters
  • To the point
  • Understandable to the muggles
  • Clean design so that we can see what the point is
  • Legible slogan text

Here are some ideas for slogan I have come across:

  • Those who can, knit
  • Don’t screw with the people of pointy sticks
  • Got Yarn
  • iKnit
  • I am a knitter
  • We knit

Please post questions to he comments…

The winning design will be brought to rockefeller center and I will try my damndest to get it seen.

Finally, please leave space at the bottom right for a WEBs logo, and please put your own credit at the bottom left.

If you have a submission please email it to me at 2skiens *at* itsapurlman *dot* com or put a link to it in the comments.

If you want to help, but don’t know how to design, please post slogans to the comments… This will help others as they look for a slogan for designing.

Break :)

Thanks again to everyone who submits to this and those who pass this message onto others.

28 thoughts on “POSTER DESIGN HELP”

  1. Why, why, why do I have to work on the 22nd?!? Grrr!

    My brain is a total blank on a slogan. I like the “I am a Knitter” or “We Are Knitters” idea.

    Maybe “Knitting… It’s a lifestyle”?

  2. Hi Guido! I have a sweet incentive for the winning design. How about 2 hanks of Handmaiden’s Great Big Sea Silk in blue/green?? The photo is on my latest entry (or should I say entreaty?) describing our dastardly plan!

  3. If you want it on TV, you might not want to use the second one in your list.

    Another suggestion:

    Knitters (in big letter)
    Represent (in smaller letters below)

    Wish I could be there! Enjoy!

  4. Careful with the lamination, it can reflect the glare of lights or bright sun back at the camera and hide the message underneath.

    As far as slogans:
    Knitting’s not just for grandmas!

    Why not knit your own? (with pics/icons of socks & sweaters)

  5. “knit now- ask me how” (That’s lame- i admit)

    “just knit it”

    “Knit. Today.”

    “Knit one?-Me too”

    “Knit- purl, boy or girl- Knitters represent”

    “Knitters Represent”

    “I, You, We…knit”

    “Knitting- Google it – learn it- do it- Today”

    “knit” (just that. can’t get more simple or clear;)

    “knit. blog. unite.”
    (I am not a design person— but I see this one as simple with just an “icon” below each word- Crossed knitting needles under knit- a computer screen under blog- hands clasping -as in a handshake-

    ok- I’m a freak…..spent too much time playing with these ideas- good luck! Will be watching!

  6. How about:

    Knit Is Tonic
    We’re Loud, We’re Proud….WE KNIT!
    Knitting – what all the cool folks do
    Knitting – It’s not just for Grandma’s anymore
    Got Knitting?

  7. Oh, I LOVE the “Peace. Love. Knit.” slogan. It sums it all up so well – this knitting community.

    I have the technical know-how and tools – but not sure I have the time to brainstorm anything else togeher. I will try to get the time to work up something, but I can’t offer any promises. (Unless someone wants to call me every hour on the hour to hassle me! haha!)

  8. How about:

    “Knitting the World Together, One Stitch at a Time”?

    Nice thought, dual meaning? Too many words? I still like it!
    I am really enjoying your Podcasts.
    Keep up the good work,

  9. OK… someone has shared two things with me that I think are important to think about

    1) The slogan should try to include NBC

    I kNit
    Because I
    (bad slogan, just showing the example)

    2) Knitting hats for the hosts might get us more access

    3) suck up to Al

    So I don’t know, but I feel like I am going to recruit people to knit soe NBC hats this weekend.

  10. Guido, I posted your info on my website this morning.

    Ideas for the poster…….you have some great ideas for fun slogans….I would use the ones that have “Knit” or “Knitting” in the title to try and get the point across quick and bold. How about “Real Men Knit”!?!?!

    Lee /

  11. Since we are trying to represent, make a statement, it occurs to me that the two biggest sources of power we have come from our buying power and our political power. And we come from an electronic community, so I wanted to capture that as well. So, how about this?


    Knitters unite!

    Troy in NJ

  12. How about…WE knit, We’re proud, and We’re here to stay….
    (all we need are two skeins more!)

  13. “Yarn Over to the Stitching Revolution!”

    “One Nation Under Yarn”

    “No Pills Needed for Yarn Stash Enhancement!”

    “Needle Me About My Therapy and I’ll Show You A Great Cardigan!”

  14. Today Knitters Represent is my absolute favorite. It’s simple and all the things happening on the 22nd. The Today thing will get it noticed and Represent gives a shout out to Stephanie. Perfect!

  15. Heh heh…this would likely only be understood from the ad campaign for drinking milk here in Canada, but this one occurred to me right before I feel asleep the other night:
    “Knit, it does a body good. Cast it on!” Lame? Yes…I’ll see if I can come up with a design for some of the great ones that have been posted already. Wish I could be there. Just didn’t have enough notice to get the time off so I could be there. Have a great time guys!!

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