April 1

Well… I’d like to say I fooled you, but I don’t think it is a suprise when us Podcasters take a week off…

10 thoughts on “April 1”

  1. This is intolerable! No podcast this week?!? How dare you.

    Just kidding, enjoy a week off!

  2. Ok April Fool’s Day is over and we all will be waiting for another podcast but only after you rest up from NYC.

  3. Guido – thanks for all your hard work on a GREAT podcast! I’ve been listening for a few weeks now, catching up on all the past podcasts.

    What I REALLY appreciate is when you talk sometimes about the blow-by-blow frustrations of a project.

    Also, thanks for taking the time and trouble to get some really, really terrific interviews. I like it when you mix it up, sometimes having the “all Guido show” and sometimes talking with others who have gone professional (in one way or another) with this hobby.

    I’m a definite fan – Please keep it up!

  4. Hey, Guido! It’s Cori from CT; my Internet name is Claire – and I’ve included my blog address so you can check out my take on The Harlot in NYC. I just finished listening to your podcast about that day, and it was fantastic – Thank you!! I’m very pleased I met you, and now that I’ve listened to the Podcast, I will continue to be a regular subscriber – Thanks again, and nice job!

  5. enjoying your show. listening @work in chicago, a city where i do not currently live. (it’s permitted — i’m a desk jockey and have no interaction with the public.)

  6. Heck, I’m challenged just getting a monthly podcast out!

    Just finished an audiobook, and then got caught up on my podcasts.. and I wanted to say THANKS for taking me on an audio tour of the Represent Event. Dang, sounds like y’all had a fun time!

    If you’re ever in Vancouver, BC, let me show you the yarny delights of this wonderful city :)

  7. ok; so, dude, i’m catching up. but am not caught up. so this is in case you haven’t solved your ‘knitting bag’-thing.

    1. whether you’re doing a custom-made bag, or buying, GO FOR A LIGHT-COLORED INSIDE. this can be the lining, or the entire bag (in which case it might get dirty easily, which wouldn’t be so great). the thing is, it’s WAAAAAY easier to find stuff in a bag that has a light-colored inside. try it. you’ll see what i mean.

    2. you could just get a smallish gym bag for the purpose.

    my own needles/notions thingy for ‘the road’ is one of those pencil holders you stick into a 3-ring binder. it has clear plastic on the inside; a wacky pattern on the outside. it is not floral, and it was an emergency purchase for a long train trip. mine is a weird shade of red. i was thinking that’d be good because i don’t have any red notions. then i figured out that the cable needle i was going to be using on my trip is *exactly the same shade of red*. but that wasn’t even a problem. i use one side of the fold for notions, the other for needles, and never the twain shall meet. but my own ideal would have been something a bit more rigid, to prevent needle breakage.

    i saw a really cool toolbox on the antiques roadshow that was made of a bunch of wooden slats and rolled into a cylinder. made me think that one could maybe modify a sushi mat for the purpose of needle storage. a cloth lining with pockets, and to keep the bamboo knitting needles from becoming invisible against the mat bamboo.

    anyway. enough brainstorming on the knitting bag. it’s friday. i’m going home to my sweetie.

    weekend!!!!! i wish a fine one to you & yon pumpkin.


  8. We will wait with needles at the ready. I also wanted to ask if you could tell your listeners Nebraska is having a Fiber Festival May 11-13 in the town of Bellevue. Those interested can contact me at the e mail I provided.

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