Marathon Monday

I will not run for the fun of it today. But in Boston many others are. Today is Marathon Monday otherwise known as Patriots day. (Patriots day is a convienent excuse to close the schools, I mean.. have ou ever heard of Partiots day anywhere else?)
I have been hiding out for the last couple of weeks.

My punkin has been sick and belagered with many wedding things. I have been using my weekends to spend time with her and go for car trips and stuff… You know.

So I have gotten a little behind in my weekend knitting rituals. I miss my groups and podcast too. Next weekend I go to D.C. for a family gathering.

I promise to get a show out for next weekend. But then I will probably go to a bi-weekly schedule until I can get myself situated again.

I have been feeling guilty about my little absence. I have been enjoying the all the responses to the last couple of episodes and have wanted to talk to you all about them. Perhaps in the near future I will have to start the idea of seasons or getting some guest hosts to do some episodes. I would like to keep the show more weekly, but I am just one… and you are so many knitters.. :)

Ok, must get back to the new job. BTW – I am very happy at my new job.

17 thoughts on “Marathon Monday”

  1. so happy your new job is treating you well; so sad your punkin is sick. send her the best from the knitting blog-o-sphere!

  2. Hey Guido!

    You should take time, as much as needed, to enjoy the wedding preparations. Better to miss a podcast than a punkin…

  3. Thanks so much for checking in, it’s just so good to hear you are still there! Give Punkin our love, tell her we wish her well soon. Very glad to hear your new job is going well, and very relieved that you will be back. Knowing that makes the wait easier!

  4. Guido, you dont know me yet.. I have been reading your blog for a few months now.. I am in DC and if you are going to be here on April 20,, , they are having a sock out… It would be so cool if you could make it… If not I can understand. I hope in the future to get to meet you. I am a new knitter and learning so much… I am just beginning with socks, so I am so looking forward to this…. Thank you so much for your podcast. I love listening to you. I look forward to hearing from you more…. cc

  5. Double ditto to above. I really appreciate that you dedicate so much energy to entertaining knitters. Hmm, yes, entertain, but something more, as well It’s good knitting “mojo.”

  6. Glad the new job is going well. Have you seen the preview for Interweave’s summer issue – there is a lace chuppah!

  7. Hey Guido,

    Just watched Cat’s video (LetsKnitTogether) of the day in New York City. It was fun to see you and hear your great voice. No worries on the blogging/podcasting front. I know full well how life comes in to take over our time. Our blogs, etc. just need to wait for us to come back around to them. My best to punkin.

  8. Your hiatus is giving me time to catch up on the prior episodes:-)
    Take care of business, and put us listeners in the queue for attention when you can get to us – we’ll be here when you get back!

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