Dear Listener,

How are you doing? How are your projects coming along? Have you had a chance yet to knit outside in the glorious weather (assuming you live on the east coast and have seen nice weather)? What’s been going on where you are? Give me a call sometime 206-984-4286, I have missed the sound of your voice.OK… it’s been a month. It started out as a weekend prank and suddenly the month just disappeared on me. There I was in central park talking with Kat, and then… whamo!! it’s May. Imagine that, without warning all the sheep and wool fun is back. I thought i would have more time, I thought I would be able to get into shape before going on the road again to visit the sheep and wools. Oh well… I guess it’s that time again.

So I bet you are wondering what is happening with the show. The really cool news is that I have finally gotten the toy of my dreams (Zoom H4) and I will never want again for recording on location, which means I will be talking to more knitters than ever this summer. So watch out Boston Knitters, I am armed and dangerous.

In the next couple of shows i will be sharing some interviews with a Merino Wool Farm, a drop spindle manufacturer, and a Hand Dying Genius who are all within a three hour drive from my house. All of these people are insane enough to follow there fiber obsession and take it to the next level. They are so wonderful to have sat down with me and talked about what they do. I will also be working at getting the last of the 2006 recordings out there, but I think these will become mid-week releases… I think more things to listen to after such a long silent period will really make this fiber festival season exciting and fun.

Finally, I have a problem and need your help. I have a UFO that I am not going to be able to get done for my mom for mothers day, or perhaps even memorial or labor day. Can you suggest some good excuses or things to say to her to let her know I still love her, but that damn sweater is just not at the top of the knitting bag, and with my Chuppah on the way… it may not get back to the top of the bag until I am a married man. If you can help me I would be very excited to share some free shwag I have recently received from my friend Lee.



p.s. I hope to see you soon at the NH or MA sheep and wool. Perhaps we can sit and record something for the show with my new toy. Sadly I cannot make it to the MD sheep and wool, I was just there and cried a little as I left BWI.

13 thoughts on “Dear Listener,”

  1. I once wrapped up an unfinished sweater, and included a note saying, ‘Some assembly required’, with no specific excuse.

    He took it in good humor. Then he married me.

  2. Hey Guido, where’s the MA sheep and wool festival? I know about the one in MD, but being from Boston and all, the MA one would be far more convenient.

    Try a book you know she likes or take her out for coffee or a meal. Moms like that kind of stuff :)

  3. I ditto the take her out for a meal, but definitely include some flowers or a nice plant, and then keep working on the sweater with Christmas-y goodness as the goal.

    I’m planning to hit the tent sale and fleece market at WEBS and then the MA festival ( the week after, and then the harlot a couple days later… I’m so excited as I haven’t been to a wool festival before, and as I live in Springfield it’s a quick shot to all of these. Maybe I’ll see you at one of these places…

  4. First, does she KNOW about the sweater? If she does, did you IMPLY it would fit her? If not, make a much smaller one (say 2″-4″) and then dress it upon a pretty plant or tree — add a little ribbon & presto! gift done! If Mom inquires, tell her when the plant gets larger, so will her “true” sweater. :)

    Good to see you’re back,

  5. A plant sweater! What a cute idea! I once gave my sister an unfinished sweater, then took it back. It took me a year to finish it ( my first adult sweater, i was over whelmed). It is disappointing to give an unfinished sweater. Get her something else to tie her over. Tell her the sweater you are knitting her is so amazing and such a work of love and art that it is taking a lot of time but will be well worth the wait. You are getting so busy with the wedding and you know she would not want you to neglect that. she wants a DIL doesn’t she……… and grandchildren? The wedding will make her cry and the sweater will make her proud.

    let us know how it goes

    a recent listener and loving it!

  6. hey, guido!

    i have to agree with all of the above – hand knitted items are labors of love, and moms are generally understanding about their taking a bit longer than anticipated. also, how can she not sympathise with your placing the chuppa closer to the top of your knitting bag? mother’s days come around every year, but your wedding is something you’re only going to do once.

    why not take a super-extreme closeup photo of her sweater and slip it in a mother’s day card, or frame it? then she’ll know she’s getting something knitted, but there’s still an element of surprise.

  7. (huge sigh of relief!) Thank goodness you’re back! It’s really been hard not hearing your voice, too, and not pestering you about it (but we also know you have wedding plans, etc.) How is your punkin?

    I really like the framed extreme close-up of the sweater idea. If you take her out for dinner, make it on a date other than Mother’s Day, as that day is horrendously busy for restaurants, and it would nice to be able to talk with her when the waitstaff isn’t busy beyond belief. Just remember: she’s your monther, she loves you.

  8. Hey Guido, Irv here, you will be missed @ MD SHEEP & WOOL this wkend. I’m going on saturday & was hoping to run into you. What were you just in my fair city for?

  9. I like Mary’s idea: upclose photo in a card.

    Speaking of Sheep and Wool festivals. Those in the Boston area, should check out Yarn Safaris. (

    They arrange trips to various fiber events around New England, yarn crawls, etc. It sounds really fun.

  10. I love the plant idea! A step further will caution her not to let the poor thing die or the sweater might meet with tragic fate as well.

    Have you all seen the bottled Vitamin Water commercial on cable in recent days where contestants are THROWING SHEEP? Sheep throwing contest is a little disturbing, even with sentence flashing across screen staying sheep were not harmed. um…. eewe! :)

  11. I love the ideas about miniature sweaters. Does she drink coffee or tea? You could make her a teapot or mug cozy and add arms to make it a sweater.

    I almost always go with the flowers or plant idea for Mother’s Day myself. Something about it just being spring …

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