No Voice

I was planning on doing a show last night about the Bosworth’s and there awesome spinning tools at Journey Wheel. They are a lot of fun and were very nice to let me come into there house to record a show.

Oh well… perhaps I will con someone else into recording while I have no voice.

5 thoughts on “No Voice”

  1. Sorry to hear you have lost your voice! It’s an ailment I can relate to all too well. I look forward to your next podcast. I love your show and clap gleefully every time there is a new episode. By the way – you possibly have the sweetest mum on earth!

  2. Bummer! I can realate! I’ve called off work tomorow ( I teach first graders) and I also have no voice…It was there this AM and then after lunch poof it disappeared! Gone, I got nothing left! I hope you are better soon!

  3. My son is having that same problem right now! Rest your voice, it’s been good to hear you again, I missed you. (And by the way, I meant to comment several episodes back… Thanks, I’m honored that I’m you’re favorite! ;-) )

  4. I’ve just finished listening to all your great episodes, I started two weeks ago and I just wanted to thank you for podcasting. I really enjoy listening on my way to work and I hope your voice will return soon!

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