Dinner with the family

So I have not found a whole hell of a lot of time to do much knitting recently. I can’t believe how many groups I have missed in the last couple months. I long for my knitting groups in the same way that other people long for dinners with the family.
What I have been doing is being sick and working. Lucky for me I have stopped being sick. So the thing I do most these days is work, which is not so bad. The new job is great, the people are nice, the hours are flexible. You think I would think this would be enough. Sadly, I think do to my previous job I have become too jumpy about work, making me a huge stress ball all the time, for no good reason.

So at my last job I had a real communication issue. People would not really let me know how I was doing, except through the grapevine. This made me crazy and extremely self conscious. I worry about what people think and always fear that people were not being straight with me. It’s a horrible feeling. in the end, I am glad my last job ended when it did because I realized after the fact that I had all this fear and anger built up inside of me and I was not dealing with it very well. So now I need to start to let go of it. It’s a hard task that will take many days of yarn overs, like my chuppah.

My knitting groups became the place where I would unwind and join the rest of my knitting family. And now that I am missing groups and being crazy… I miss my groups all the more.

There is no substitute for group, I have been to two sheep and wools in the last month, not the same…

So… if you are still with me a couple of quick notes:

  • The Boston Knit Out & Crochet Too 2007 is coming and we are looking for sponsors and contributors. I am again helping out with the event, feel free to contact me or go to the website for more info at bostonknitout.com
  • I am still looking for people to share what is on there needles, I will be lurking in the yarn shops this weekend, but would love it if you called in to let me know what you are working on. 206-888-4187
  • I still need to contact my drawing winners, I have not forgotten you…
  • This weeks show will feature and interview with Carol Martin at Farmhouse Yarns
  • I am thinking about taking some time off soon and re-launching the website with some pretty graphics and a release schedule, if you have some ideas about how to improve the site or show please drop me a line at 2skiens@itsapurlman.com

8 thoughts on “Dinner with the family”

  1. I totally understand where your coming from on the value of the knitting group…I don’t know how you survived without it!

    Keep up the great work.

    PS – I left you a voice message;)

  2. Unfortunately I totally understand where you’re coming from re: being self-conscious at work. Try your best to believe in yourself and your abilities.

  3. Delurking alert!! For what it’s worth Guido, I love your podcast and listen every episode. I really love your interviews and the ep with your Mum was fabulous. She sounds like a real sweety!

    My boss often says “If you haven’t heard from me, you can assume you’re doing fine!” Thankfully I don’t often hear from her! I emailed this week to update her on what I had been up to and she emailed back a “Thanks” and a “Well done!” Yay!

    I might just take you a little while to get your confidence back. New place, new people, new attitude!

    I can’t leave you a voice message, but on my needles at the moment is a very old Baudelaire, a knee sock for my daughter Purl and in my head is what a Sockapa-loser I am because I can’t commit to a sock pattern nor a yarn! See . . . self doubt plagues us all! Have fun at the knit out!

  4. Hello,
    Are you going to be in Copley Plaza for Worldwide Knitting Day, as posted here?

  5. Yes I will be at Copley Plaza… I need o make this announcement on the show… No biggy, just trying to get the knit out…

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