Guido’s got a brand new bag

Front of ??LUX
Let me introduce you to my new bag, thanks to the lovely Darcy at Tom Bihn
So this is a new knitting bag that they are going to release at the end of the week. They have sent me this sample to check out because they know I have real knitting bag issues (notice the lack of floral patterns… nice). Darcy told me about this like a year ago, so I have a long build up for this and am ready to gush about it all.

They have not come up with a name for the new bag, so I will refer to my new bag as Sam. Me and Sam have not had a lot of time yet to see if we get a long, but I will be posting progress reports as we become friends. Sam showed up with some friends that made me squee with joy… (I know this is not the experience thatDarcy was looking for, but like a child who recieves a gift and plays with the box, I was a little distracted)

Sam’s little friends are as follows:
Mark (as in holds stitch Markers) is ever so transparent and tiny, perfect for my colorful little friends.

Natalie (the notions holder) is an awesome way to hol many notions and needles

Jiles (my everything bag) is now going to be joining me on many trips, with all the things I need… I can seem them.. it’s awesome

The Gang
OK… so this is the gang… I don’t know what to do with these guys yet, but I am sure that I will find something fun to do…

So I am really excited about all these things that they sent me. The clear plastic bags with the clips are ohh so useful. I can’t wait to attach them to my normal gear and stuff. I will be ptting these toys through some Boston trauma and get back to you all about how they stand up.

12 thoughts on “Guido’s got a brand new bag”

  1. Nice bag. When I was at TNNA a few weeks back, I kept looking for an appropriate knitting bag for XY knitters. I didn’t find any. One was close but not correct. I’ll be very interested in how your new bag relationship goes.

  2. The man bag thing can be difficult. My brother calls the leather bag he carries his handgun in (he lives in Las Vegas, and I hope he has a permit) his purse.

  3. That is a heck of an awesome bag! And I have a new bag myself but have been wanting a couple of little pouches for just that purpose. Sadly the ‘girlier’ bags do not necessarily come with pouches. I congratulate you on your new friend Sam :)

  4. These Tom Bihn bags look really really nice, are they practical aswell?
    My MaxwellScott bag has lasted for years, but it’s finally time to move on I think, does anybody know where I can get hold of some Tom Bihn?? all feedback appreciated!

  5. I’m about to order this same exact bag, and I was looking to see what other people thought of the bag before I ordered one. The lack of floral patterns is the same reason that I like the Swift bag. I don’t want my bag to resemble a purse. And bright indigo blue is my favorite color.

    We may be bag twins in a few weeks.

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