Three Things

  1. I was running around a Borders Books near where I work when I noticed that the new Yarn Harlot book had been chosen by a staff member for the staff pick wall. I read the description, all positive, and then noticed something peculiar… the staff members name was Bill… Is their a Bill in Boston who works at the Borders who I don’t know… I must search this guy out and compliment him on comming out, as a knitter so publicly…
  2. I saw this article online. It is about a shop I like, and an owner who I think is really sweet. But I can’t help but wonder if they could have refrained from the grandma intro and perhaps they could have taken a photo where the owner was smiling??Full disclosure: I know one of the writers for the BostonNOW paper and expect more from it in general, and especially when it comes to knitting
  3. Tommorrow night I will record… (notice how I sneaked that in…)

2 thoughts on “Three Things”

  1. I just got mine “Yarn Harlot”s new book..It is great book and I was injoy reading it!! All the grat facts about the knitting and knitters!

    GUIDO~~ Can you shout out my knitting Video Cast for me?
    I have a only one comment on my feedback..i really need knitter’s suport right now..HELP ME!!!


    As greatist listerner


  2. Guido, I just had to leave a comment in that Boston paper that mention Grandmas and knitting in the same sentence like they somehow belong together. It always irks me since I knit for 50 years before becoming a grandma. BTW-love you podcast and listen to every one of them.

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