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On todays show ,Omly Omly does the Yarn-a-lot. I share a little about how much I love Tom Bihn and his little pouches. My friends are traveling around the world, if you are in Sol Korea and are willing to show Lucy around, please drop me a line. Susan is going to be touring in Italy with the Dedham Choral. Check out a new video knitting blog by Charles.
Todays interviews are with Kristin Nicholas and Julia Nicholas.

Music: One Everything

I have been getting some vvoicemails, but for some reason they are all cut off. So please try calling the voice mail line again 206-888-4187.

Next show the Sunday after next and then a very special Harry Potter Round table.. :)

11 thoughts on “iapm37:Brightly Colored”

  1. Hey, I just listened to this episode. I have to tell you that I just love how laid back you are and how natural the interview feels when I am listening to it! You really do a great job!

    We are gonna have to try and chat more on Skype some day.

    I hope you have a great week and I see ya around!


  2. I had fun talking to Julia while you were interviewing her Mom. It was nice to see you up in Cummington – hope you’re having a great summer! I’ll try to catch you in Beantown this fall.

  3. love the show. I listen at work… which can be bad because I end up searching for patterns and yarn :)


  4. Hello Guido
    For the last 3 days (well 16 hours of them) I’ve been painting a mural on my wife’s school’s gymnasium wall. Your podcast was among many that kept me sane up on the ladder. Thanks for the great interviews, and resources and your casual style. Glad to hook up with you on Skype the other day.

  5. Yay! I love Kristin Nicholas. What a fun episode!

    PS How’s the Chuppah coming? I just finished one for a friend’s wedding – it was TONS of work!

  6. Love your podcast. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Tom Bihn bag. I am a huge Tom Bihn fan and have been waiting rather impatiently for the release of the knitting bag. Please don’t keep us waiting in suspense too long! Thanks again for a great podcast. Happy Knitting!

  7. i’m not in korea, but there is a seoul stitch ‘n bitch group. i met up with some of the members this past fall when i went to korea, and they were very helpful and friendly. perhaps your friend could contact them. here’s their blog address:


    hope that helps!

    robert, aka gearncniht

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