Gone Fishing

This weekend I am going fishing with my dad and my brother in the wilds of Maine. We have been planning this for months and I can’t wait. We are novice fly fishermen. We look forward to sitting around mostly, and if we are lucky we will catch the big one. Even if I don’t catch the big one, this trip will give me time to work on the big one… the big chuppah that is. I hope to finish off a leaf or two more over the weekend.

I have been really busy with both work, Boston Knit Out, and podcasting stuff recently. I am looking forward to the little trip and the possibility of having nothing to do. It should be a lot of fun.

So until you hear from me next, I will be knee deep in a river somewhere.

Happy fourth of July everyone…

10 thoughts on “Gone Fishing”

  1. Don’t worry about catching anything, they call it “fishing”, not “catching”, for a reason!

    Have a great time!

  2. I understand the looking forward to doing nothing. We leave for Northern Minnesota next week to go “do nothing” and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing!

  3. This is my first time posting to your website. I hope you have fun on your fishing trip but I came to ask you a very important question.

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since the beginning (about a year and some change). The podcast has been interesting and fills up my knitting time with audio when I do not want to listen to music or watch TV.

    My question to you regards your ethnic background. I remember you mentioning family members from Chile, but the way you speak of them, they sound pretty foreign to you. I’ve never heard you talk about your childhood, where you grew up, or if you even speak Spanish. If these questions are too personal for you, I do understand, but I am still interested in your background, mainly because the information that you have given on the podcast is rather mysterious.

    Once again hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hey hun!

    I hope you have a good time on your fishin trip! Nothing more relaxin then sitting by the water and waiting for the big one!

  5. I don’t fish, but gosh I’m envious of your trip! Can’t wait to read about it. So how is the chuppah coming along?

  6. Hey Guido,
    I am a faithful listener. I remember during the New York spree(when the yarn harlot was there) that you talked about going to School Products. You said that you were trying to do an interview, but the owner’s wife basically blew you off. Can you tell me more about this? I work for that family, and they are fabulous. I’m thinking that they just didn’t understand the whole blog/podcast thing. If you want to try again, maybe I can help.

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