IAPM38: Muggle Madness

Todays show is a gab-a-thon about a very special series of knitting books, that’s right… Harry Potter. Alison Hansel, author of Charmed Knits and the Blue Blog, and Jane Jacobs, owner and head knitter wrangler at Porter Square Books, join me in a fun discussion about knitting, Potter, and being obsessed with both.

Comment about what you think is going to be in the next book or share some of your harry potter love to enter a drawing for Alison’s fun new book Charmed Knits. I will pull names in two weeks and announce the winner on the show.

43 thoughts on “IAPM38: Muggle Madness”

  1. I must be the only living person left on the face of the earth that has yet to read the first HP! Go figure. I am waiting for them to put them on ebooks :D

  2. So many possibilities… I think that Hagrid has a large role to play, as does Snape. All the characters will have their revealing moment. I do not think Harry will die. I don’t want to imagine what will happen, because I’m so excited to actually find out what JKR has come up with.

  3. Thanks for a charming episode ;-)

    I think Rowling is straight enough to let all the deads be final. I would personally prefer it that way, although I REALLY cried when Dumbledore died… first time ever while reading a book! Crying at the movies is one thing… but while reading?!

  4. That was a fun podcast!

    I think that perhaps Snape will redeem himself by sacrificing himself to save Harry/allow Harry to get rid of Voldemort.

  5. Loved this episode.

    I love how in the beginning Harry, Ron, and Hermione are such central characters and then in book 5 other kids become much more prominent. The scene where we learn about Neville’s parents just breaks your heart and I see many more parallels between Neville and Harry. And I really like Luna. As a Ravenclaw, I appreciate that intellect and insight can come in many different packages and from many different perspectives.

    So here’s what I’d like to see:
    1. Harry comes to his senses and goes back to Ginny.
    2. Ron and Hermione finally hookup
    3. We see the larger, international wizarding world like we saw in Goblet of Fire, my favorite so far.
    4. A yarn shop opens in Hogsmeade. Wouldn’t that be so cool?
    5. Luna Lovegood again.
    6. Draco lives, but immensely changed, and not necessarily for the better.
    7. Harry dies. I don’t want a happy Hollywood ending. As y’all mentioned, the books get darker, and there is a war going on.
    8. Neville lives and he and Snape become crucially deciding factors. How, I don’t have any idea. Like you, I’m just wanting to see what JKR comes up with. It would be really cool if Neville rises up like Eowyn killing the King of the Nazgul and he kills of Voldemort, after Voldemort kills Harry. But more probably, he and Bellatrix will have a showdown.
    9. Snape lives.

  6. I also think Snape is good and will somehow save Harry. I think Snape could die.

    I hope Dobby will do something important as well (mostly cos I love Dobby with his passion for freedom :) ) – I hope he isn’t killed off, but it could play a significant role if he does.

    I don’t think Harry dies although I was thinking yesterday that if he did there would be that Christian sense of him going to his parents and he has always wanted his own family. I think (hope) that he ends up with Ginny and gets the Weasley family more permanently to fill that need.

    Neville… hmm – really not sure about Neville although I think he will play a n important and heroic role.

    And Scabbers likewise, although I do think he will pass on some significant info.

    I’d love Hagrid to be allowed to use magic again – and have a more challenging role in Hogwarts by the end of it. (Yes Hogwarts will go on).

  7. i love HP! i’m a huge fan i’m trying not to speculate what happens in the next book b/c i don’t want to get my hopes up, and i love to be surprised. but i do love to read/hear everyone else’s ideas. i’m corssing my fingers i’d love to win the charmed knits book!
    i def think that neville will be taking a more prominent role b/c i love him! Hagrid too!

  8. Hi – Great show!

    I think Harry will die, unfortunately. I feel JK will be feeling that it’s the only way to draw a line under the story, and not be tempted back, that it will make the whole thing finished…achieve closure, if you will. Mind you, I thought Tony Soprano would have been a goner at the end of that series, so what do I know?

    Cindy (London, UK)

  9. Hi, Guido….what’s happened? Your podcast is not showing up in iTunes and when I try to put it on my iPod, it doesn’t work :(

    Heather (UK)

  10. I’m a first time listener and I loved your podcast. The accepted identity of R.A.B. is Regulus Arturus Black. Sirius’ brother who was a Death Eater but betrayed Voldemort (no one knows exactly how, that fits with him destroying a Horcrux) and was killed by Voldemort.

    By the way, J.K.R. said in an interview that Dumbledore is definetly dead.

    Great show!

  11. My daughter the MUGGLE is back in NY working for Scholastic books as a 2nd year Intern. She gets her my book tomorrow! Something big is up with Aunt Petunia, I think. More to her than meets the eye?

    I don’t want Harry to die! At least the ghost of Dumbledore needs to make an appearance, too. And a YARN SHOP in Hogsmeade would be lovely! :)

  12. Hmmmm…. I like Snape, even still, and I’m hoping that his apparent turn back to evil was actually cooked up between himself and Dumbledore. It would have to look good, right, for Snape to be accepted? I do think Dumbledore is really dead. But it could be that, knowing he was dying anyway, he was willing to sacrifice himself to further Snape’s deception. I would like to see Harry find love and a family and happiness, but I don’t see how that will happen.

    I agree that a yarn shop is needed in Hogsmeade.

  13. Hmmmm
    So many guesses…

    Snape shows his true identity….
    Hagrid in an effort to protect Harry meets his demise
    Dumbledore’s phoenix, Fawkes is a huge recurring symbol

    Plus I can aways hope for more toby the sock knitting house elf!

  14. I haven’t left a comment at any podcast before, but thought I’d try for the Charmed Knits book and leave a comment on how much I enjoy your podcast.

    I have no idea what is going to happen with Harry Potter and, you know, I don’t even like to guess — I just want to wait and see.

    Personally, I like Snape — I have since the first book/movie.

    I was looking through the Charmed Knits book at Chapters one day and the patterns are incredible.

  15. Loved the podcast with the Muggles making noise in the background.

    I think that Harry and Snape will both be in the final scene with He Who Must Not Be Mentioned. I also think that the book will have a “happy” ending, though perhaps not one that we would like.

    There has been a spirit throughout the book of everlasting hope and the ability of good to triumph over evil. If you follow that, then the evil Voldemort will be defeated. However, I am concerned about Harry’s possible demise. Remember that Snape has taken that vow (forgot the name) to assist/help Draco under penalty of death if breaking that vow. If Draco goes after Harry, or vice versa, Snape may become involved. One theory is that Snape will break his vow, defend Harry against the Voldemort-inspired Draco, and lose his life. But somehow, I see Snape in the final battle, with Harry, against Voldemort.

    And, remember there is also another boy at the school that the prophecy could be about and Voldemort could be chasing the wrong guy. Seems unlikely, but the seeds of this possibility are there. Perhaps Harry (and Snape?) will give their lives to the better good, destroying Voldemort and saving Neville? I think it’s Neville!

    The only thing that will solve this is Book 8!

  16. Great podcast!

    I agree that Aunt Petunia’s story is going to be revealed in this last book. There is a lot going on there that i think is important to the story.
    I’m just excited to see what’s going to happen! Only a few days left to wait!

  17. Throughout the books I’ve had a hard time deciding if Snape is evil or not. I think that he and Dumbledore somehow worked together in the end of the last book – perhaps so Snape can take Dumbledore’s place at Hogwarts?

  18. Hey Laritza! I haven’t read any of them either.

    I have made both a scarf and socks though for my very HP obsessed best friend. The scarf is actually pretty special to me ‘cuz it was what brought me to knitting!

    My mom taught me how to do the knit stitch when I was little, but then I didn’t do any knitting until a couple years ago when I somehow got it in my head that a HP scarf would be a good present. So I went and re-learned how to knit (gotta love the internet!) and the rest as they say is history!

  19. I agree with previous posters about Aunt Petunia’s role being revealed in more depth. If you happen to catch the extended film versions being shown on ABCFamily, there’s a great Petunia scene at the beginning of Azkaban that foreshadows some of this. Wonder if there’s a bit of a witch in her after all? And I mean in a good way…

    As much as I hate to admit it, the death of Harry in Deathly Hallows makes sense. He and Voldemort have a symbiotic relationship, therefore what happens to one will affect the other. Also, I think that Harry’s scar plays a huge role as being a doorway for V. If Harry is alive, then Voldemort has a way to come back. I think Harry will sacrifice himself to prevent the return of Voldemort.

    Can’t wait…only a few more days!!

  20. I have Harry to thank for encouraging my ten-year-old son to read. Last school year, part of his daily homework was to read twenty minutes a night, any books he wanted, and write a couple of sentences to summarize what he’d read. We had trouble getting him to sit still and read that long at a stretch – until his dad left Sorceror’s Stone on the coffeetable one day. Our son had a lot of trouble at first but Harry kept his interest; by summer break he’d finished the first book and most of the second, then spent the first weekend reading all day until he’d finished it too.

  21. really enjoyed this episode Guido:
    here’s my money;’s worth…..
    Neville and harry have much in common, i,e both their parents were killed by you know who, although only Harry has the scar to prove it. I guess when it comes to the phrophecy, it is possible that Neville will play a role in fighting you know who and could be an allie to Harry.
    Only guessing who knows really apart from JKR.
    And Dolores Unbridge…she was too real…I am sure we all know someone like that in our midst.

  22. I love your all your podcasts. And thanks for the info about Windsor Buttons in Boston. I stopped there and got some great yarn on my last Boston trip.

    I ‘m really not good at speculating. I can’t see Harry being killed. I would love to see Harry and his friends and Hogwarts teachers winning and forming a new renaissance of witchery. I hope the dark days are over. I think it is time for them all to step up and take over as leaders. I’m such an optimist!

  23. I really enjoy your podcasts. I also am one of the seven people on earth that have not read the books. I really enjoy the films. Usually the book is better than the films, so I am looking forward to reading them at some point – probably when my 2 year old gets a little bigger and more independent.

    Anyway, I like the idea above about Neville and Harry battling evil together.

  24. Hmm, I don’t think Harry is going to be killed. I think Dumbledore is really dead. I think Harry kills Moldy Voldy. I think Snape is a ‘good guy’ but let his hatred of James and jealousy of Lily taint his feelings towards Harry. I also think he and Dumbledore made plans that if it came down to it, he (Snape) was to kill him (Dumbledore) I can’t imagine who else dies, but I think it might be Neville. He’s become a much more important to the story as time goes on. I’ve always liked him and he really came into his own in Goblet of Fire. Well, that’s my little take on it. We’ll have to see what JK has in store for us though.

  25. When the first HP book came out, I began to read it aloud to my then 17 yo son who was born with cerebral palsy. We enjoyed the time together and I, as a teacher, was a great reader. Then about half way through the book, we borrowed the book on tape and became hooked on Jim Daley’s narration. As Ben said, “It is just better in the Mother Tongue.” And I thought “I” was the mom. So in anticipation of every new book we have started at the beginning with Book 1 and listened to them all. We are finishing up the sixth book this week just in time and don’t even discuss what might happen. We’ll just sit back and enjoy (and I”ll be knitting socks.) BTW, since the first HP, Ben has become a devoted fan of the library, carries books at all times in his backpack on his power wheelchair and surpasses anyone else in the family in books read per week at any time! Thank you JKR!

  26. I’m really not sure what to expect, but I have complete faith in JK Rowling that she will resolve the whole story in a way that will be satisfying and leave no room for “what ifs”. Unfortunately I really feel like I need to reread the last book before reading the new one, and I have no time to do that, so I’m worried I will hear what happens in the final book before I can read it!

  27. I’m looking forward to listening to the latest podcast–for now all my listening time is reserved for HP.
    I’ve been rereading/listening on CD to all of the books to prepare for this last book.
    I think Nevile and Ginny will be playing key roles in this book.
    I feel like we didn’t learn a lot of new information in the last two books–we must have a lot to learn in this one.

  28. Guido, I really enjoy your podcast – loved the Harry Potter episode. I have 2 teenagers, so we’ve read and seen all the HP movies. I admit I didn’t read the last book – now I’m wondering if I can get it read before Saturday when the final books arrives! The Charlotte Observer did a recap of all previous books last weekend and it all seems like soooo long ago that I read them. I think I’m going to get them on my iPod and listen while I work in my studio. That would be fun actually.

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast! btw, I’m a Gryffindor, even though I can’t seem to spell it.

    Jan Bode Smiley

  29. I think in the last book, Ron and Harry will finally learn to knit resulting in the house elves all being freed. With the help of the house elf army, Harry will defeat Voldemort, and Snape will be confined to St. Mungo’s where he is forced to crochet all day.

  30. i wish dumbledore will come back… kinda like his phoenix. but htat’ snot gonna happen. I think Harry dies will just as he kills Voldemort. I bet that because of their link, if Voldemort dies Harry will too. Hermione knew about it but came in too late to figure out what to do and save Harry. As for Ron, he’ll probably die too. sad. On the side,… because of her knitting efforts Hermione gains an army of House elves to go up against the Death Eaters. :)

  31. Thanks Guido,,, this was a surprise for me.. I thought you were on break for awhile.. You have also inspired me to check out the Harry Potter books. Just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. First I will see the movie.. Thanks again..

  32. So many theories, so little time. I guess J.K. will clue us all in…in just a few days.

    I think both Harry and Voldemot will die. I really hate to say it. It would be the most final way to end the series.

    I hope we will find out more about Aunt Petunia. I wonder if she was a squib and abanded the wizzarding world. Dumbledore’s howler made me think she knew more about the wizzarding world than she lets on.

    I also keep wondering where Harry’s grandparents are in all this. Were they part of thh Order and were murdered as well?

    I am not sure about Snape. If he is really good, why didn’t he find a way around killing Dumbledore? Why did he make the unbreakable vow. And what would happen if someone broke an unbreakable vow?

    Humm…4 days to find out.

  33. ok I just wanted to say I love your blog and have recently just got back into reading it!.
    so in the next book I have one theory its a small one but here it is:
    I think voldemort kidnapped ollivander(spell?) the wand maker so he could make him a different wand, because as you know in goblet of fire harry and voldemorts wands reacted wicked like two magnets opposite of each other. They are both the same wands! so I think in the next book voldemorts forces ollivander to make him a different wand so when he finally meets harry he will have a different wand and finally have a chance to kill harry.
    ok ok thatz it lol.

  34. I’m so glad to hear that I am not the only person thinking that there is more to Aunt Petunia than we’ve been led to believe! Excellent questions & conjecture here, I’m looking forward to sharing one book among 4 family members this weekend!

  35. OK, so I have to have my 2 cents. =)

    Neville is very important. I don’t have a conjecture on what exactly will happen to him, but I am certain that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg where he is concerned.

    “For neither can live while the other survives…” While the wording of the prophecy doesn’t explicity rule out both Harry and Voldemore dying in the end, I think that Harry will live. I do not think Ms. Rowling would be so cruel as to kill off Harry in the end. (I fear Ron or Hermione may not survive the last battle, but here’s hoping.) Yes, there are many unique aspects to her books that classic hero tales do not have, but when you strip it down to its very essentials, it is a classic hero story and the hero doesn’t die. Perhaps I’m just being an optimist here, but there you have it.

    R.A.B.? I’m thinking Regulus Black.

    OK, 3 cents then. Happy reading (and knitting), everyone!

  36. I’ve never been able to get into Harry Potter, but I got hooked watching the movie marathons last week. Have no clue as to what to expect, but I’m enjoying all of the great HP inspired knitting patterns that are popping up.

    Good podcast this week. I was sorry it wasn’t longer.

  37. Hey Guildo!

    I have no grand ideas or schemes for the last book but I can say my whole family enjoys them. My daughter has read the books so many times she seems to know every detail or where to look in each book to find the smallest point!

  38. Thanks for the awesome episode! My guess is that Harry will take out Voldemort, but will die in the process :(

  39. I feel so out of it, because I still haven’t finished the last book! I read the first 4 one right after another and I hated having to wait for another. I will go back but will have to refresh my memory! I think the only way to go is for Harry to be killed in the last one, but Valdemort would have to die as well.

    I love the way JKR has put so much knitting into the books, and would love to do some Charmed Knitting of my own. Part of the joy of watching movies is to check out the knitting. Especially period pieces. I stop the DVD and jump up and say – look at that sweater! And my husband just stares at me…

    I know you understand!

  40. Delurking because this was such a fun podcast! So… I hadn’t listened to the podcast, because like you, I like to read the book with as little info as possible (thanks for making the title really obvious!), and I wasn’t sure what was going to be there. I was avoiding any potential spoilers, which meant no blogs, no blog comments areas, no podcasts, really no online anything until I finished reading. As sad as I am that it’s over… it’s over in a very nice way. I love that some of the supporting characters got to shine! ‘Nough said.

    I really loved the pespective of the lady from the bookstore… and listening to Alyson was great fun.
    I loved the hat and scarf Hermione is wearing in The Order of the Phoenix, which I finally went to see after I finished reading the book this weekend — the one when they are all walking on the covered bridge, tweedy black & cream/white thing. Off to see what’s in my stash that looks like that, and then off to search for a pattern!

  41. I don’t see the author killing off Harry as it would be so hard for the young readers who have followed hime.
    Love the needlecrafts in Order of the Phoenix, mainly Luna’s sweaters and scarf.
    Barbara C.

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