Couple of short notes

Art Beat Somerville
reprinted from the Boston SnB List:

Don’t forget to come to ArtBeat (or ArtBeast) on Saturday(7/21) in Davis Square, Somerville. We will have a “Beauty and the Fiber Beast” booth where you can check out some pretty cool fibers, see some folks spinning and knit or crochet a square for charity. Our booth should be in the sculpture park near Store24 and JP Licks. Hope you can visit!

ArtBeast Davis Square, Somerville (Red Line)

Circles Knitting Salon
reprinted from email:

A Progressive Moving Sale

20% off Sat/Sun, July 14th/15th
30% off Thu thru Sun, July 19-22
40% off Thu thru Sun, July 26-29


every product in the store is on sale!
all sales are final. no returns.
cannot apply co-op balances to this sale

Boston Knit Out
We have two sponsors and some special guest lined up (especially for your crocheters)… I know it’s not until September, but we can use everyones help getting this going.

Next Shows

IAPM39 – Belly acheing

  • Guess who is turning 30
  • Updates about the community
  • Updates on the bag
  • Your feedback

IAPM40 – Kafka’s Yarn Shop

  • An extended interview with Alison of Circle Knitting Salon about the beauty and struggle that is opening a yarn store


So I am throwing this up in case I don’t get a chance to record before the weekend. I really wanted to make sure people knew about ArtBeat and Circles. Circles is very near and dear to my heart and i can’t wait to share the interview with Alison, but that show is a lot of editing and I cannot promise it this weekend. So instead I am going to do a show about me and add some of these updates into my next show. So it will be a little self centered next time, but hey… I am turning 30 and I am now set in my ways (yeah right).

Just as a heads up, I plan to travel around a bit in August to interview the sponsors of the Boston Knit Out. I want people to know who is coming and why they should come out. The answer to both of these questions are awesome… If you are a fiber freindly fiend, find out more at the Boston Knit Out site. (also, if you happen to be in charge of the new Crochet Guild in Boston can you drop me a line… thanks)

OK, that’s it… back to work, bridal shower (not that I am involved, but we do have a lot of guest showing up and I have to clean0, condo bbq, Boston Knit Out Sponsor search, wedding stuff… oh yeah… did I mention the Chuppa..


Stay cool and don’t forget to breathe

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