Not a spoiler

So I finished Book 7… It was good…

So turning 30 I am thinking about the last decade. I wonder who I was ten years ago compared to who I am today. What I thought being 20 something would be like. My last ten years have not been as filled with wizards and witches, but there has been a lot of magic and love from friends and family.

The near future holds the birth of my first nephew, the first of the next generation of my family. Then, in about two months I am going to be married and possibly starting a family of my own in the next couple of years. My 30’s are going to be something else… something more… the future…

It’s funny… I cannot remember who I was when I was 20 and I cannot imagine who I will be at 40.I think it comes as no surprise that I live for the moment. It’s all I really have.

5 thoughts on “Not a spoiler”

  1. I turned 30 and got married in the same year also.. I agree with the love from friends and family filling my life the past decade also.
    Happy Birthday!! Congrats on the upcoming wedding to Pumpkin!!
    The next ten years will be wonderful!!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I just turned 40 and I can tell you that for me, it was a whole different experience that 30. Much more calm and relaxing. I’m glad you seem ok with 30. It must be the yarn. I didn’t knit when I was 30. :)

  3. It makes me sad every time I think that the HP series is over. It’s been a part of my life these last 10 years, ten years where I went from 26 years old finishing grad school to 36 years old giving advice to others. It’s good to know that growth never ends.

    Anyway, being 30 was not a big deal and I’m really looking forward to turning 40.

    And you’re right. The present is all we have. The future is not guaranteed and the past is gone. So be happy with what and who you have now, which included your Pumkin and your new nephew.


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